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ARMS Patch Adds New Fighter Misango, New Online Event & More News 0

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Nintendo has released a new ARMS patch, addingnew fighter “Misango”, and three new arms: “Scorpio,” “Skully” and “Glusher.” In addition to this, a new stage  and new online event have been added. The online event “Party Crash” rewards you with badges and in-game prize money. The more you play Party Crash the faster you’ll level up. Alongside […]

Spotify Nintendo Switch App Being Considered, Vote Now to Show Support News 0

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With the Nintendo Switch now supporting the Hulu video app, many are wondering what’s next for entertainment app support, and the additional functionality that they would bring to the system.  Spotify has made it clear that they’ll consider supporting Nintendo’s handheld/home console, if the demand is big enough.  To show your support and vote for […]

Super Mario Odyssey Sales Already at Over 2 Million Copies in 3 Days, Over 500K in Japan in First Few Days News 0

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When October 27 hit, Super Mario fans around the world were all in unison with the hype surrounding Nintendo’s latest platformer Super Mario Odyssey. Not only did the hype meet expectations and beyond, but the sales of the game went beyond expectation as well. Of the seven million Nintendo Switchs sold, it looks like over […]

Rocket League Nintendo Switch Release Date Is November 14 News 0

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Rocket League, the acrobatic battle cars that play soccer, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 14, and yes, it supports cross-play!  Rocket League will cost you a cool $19.99 USD or the regional equivalent and be available to download on the eShop(no news on whether a physical retail copy will be available). The […]

Assassin’s Creed Origins & Super Mario Odyssey Top UK Sales Charts News 0

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With one of the biggest launch titles for Nintendo Switch having released this week, it’s no surprise that Super Mario Odyssey is sat very comfortably in second position, in the UK Top 40 Sales Chart. However, Assassin’s Creed Origins pips Super Mario Odyssey to prime position this time round, coming in at the number one […]

Super Mario Odyssey Update 1.0.1 “Enhances the User’s Experience” News 0

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It’s launch day for Super Mario Odyssey, and a patch has already found its way to the game for a 1.0.1 day one update. What could this patch possibly contain to make an already great game even greater? Well, the 101MB update is apparently just full of “fixes.” These fixes “have been made to enhance the […]

Nintendo Switch System Update 4.0.1 Includes General Stability Improvements News 0

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A new Nintendo Switch system update is rolling out across all devices. It will be downloaded automatically. Once installed, update 4.0.1 will implement general system stability fixes that are designed to “enhance the user’s experience.” The major fix is a change to the HDMI connection process specification, which should address video and sound output issues […]

Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Gameplay Showcased, Portable Heisting Is a Reality News 0

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Overkill Software has released an insight into Payday 2 running on the Nintendo Switch. While we knew this was in development, it’s still impressive to see the game actually running on the Switch, especially in the portable mode. We learn from the video (embedded below) that the developers are “working on revamping the user interface, […]

Nintendo eShop Sale for Halloween Launched (UK) News 0

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With Sony and Microsoft both holding sales for the week, Nintendo fans won’t be left behind as the company also announced a Nintendo eShop sale for the UK to mark Halloween! You can check out the complete games for sale in the list below (thanks to Reddit user imnotgoats), or by browsing and purchasing the […]

OJO Nintendo Switch Dock Boasts Built-In Projector, Indiegogo Campaign Now Live News 1

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YesOJO Studio has now launched its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the OJO, the “world’s first projector for Nintendo Switch.” In addition to being a projector, the OJO can act as a speaker, power bank and spare dock.  Find the full breakdown of features for the projector-speaker-power-dock hybrid below: OJO: World’s First Projector for Nintendo Switch Mini-projector […]

Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op 13 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay News 0

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With Super Mario Odyssey set to release on October 27 for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Minute’s Kit and Krysta sat down to give players a preview of the new co-op mode.  Find the full 13-minute gameplay session embedded below:  Hi! Today we’re exploring the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey in Co-op Mode. In this mode, […]

Nintendo Switch System Update 4.0.0 Available Now, Adds Video Capture and More News 0

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Nintendo Switch owners, there’s a new firmware update out for the console and it brings in a host of new features, and quality of life improvements. Possibly the most important addition Nintendo Switch system update 4.0.0, is the inclusion of video capture, which lets players record their awesome gaming moments. Check out the complete Nintendo […]

Sony’s New Label Is Publishing a Game for the Nintendo Switch News 2

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OK, this is one outrageous but welcome story. Sony, makers of the PlayStation 4, and direct rival of Microsoft and Nintendo, is publishing a game on the Nintendo Switch! How is this possible? Sony is starting a new publishing label which falls under the Sony Music Entertainment called “Unties,” and will focus on smaller games […]

Nintendo Targeting More Adult Games for Switch News 1

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If there ever was an Achilles Heel for Nintendo’s consoles, it’s been that they were never really known to cater to adults who usually craved shooting, violence and the sort. Well, things might be changing for the super-successful, Nintendo Switch. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal (via Twinfinite), Nintendo is encouraging developers […]

Crazy Justice Brings Battle Royale to Nintendo Switch News 0

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Crazy Justice is planning to bring the battle royale experience to Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The fact that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, however, is what is most impressive here, as it’ll be the first battle royale game on the platform. The game features a building/upgrading system, destructible environments, motion […]

Ed Boon Discusses Possibilty of Injustice 2 Port for Nintendo Switch News 0

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Despite Injustice 2 being only available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform since its release earlier this year. It seems that the DCU based fighter could add another platform to it’s availability in the near future. Very recently, Ed Boon the Creative Director for the Injustice franchise recently spoke to GameSpot during the […]

SNES Classic Sales Numbers in Japan Surpass 360,000 in First 4 Days News 0

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With the SNES Classic, Nintendo is clearly aiming it at the old players (like me) who have very fond memories of the console way back then. Well, so far so good, it seems to be working — even in Japan! The Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom, which is the Japanese equivalent of the SNES Classic […]

Huge Splatoon 2 Patch Includes Balance Changes, Ranking System Tweaks & More News 0

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Nintendo has released patch 1.4.o for Splatoon 2, fixing a load of multiplayer issues and making improvements to the Spectator mode, Salmon Run, and more. Update 1.4.0 is currently available to download and install automatically if your system is connected to the internet.  Find the full list of patch notes below: Changes to Player Ranks […]

SNES Classic Hack Tutorial Allows More Games to Be Added News 3

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While the SNES Classic is one hard retro console to get, those who have it might be wondering if there’s a way to add more games to the console other than what Nintendo included. Popular choices like Chrono Trigger, NBA Jam, and more are sure to be missed by old-school fans, but fret not! There […]

Dell Is Selling a SNES Classic Bundle For $480 News 0

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You’re probably used to seeing these stylish “mini” consoles selling out at launch and then appearing on eBay for triple the original price. Scalpers love to take advantage of the hype and short supply, and it’s just expected nowadays. What isn’t as expected, however, is to see a worldwide retailer marking up prices beyond reasonable […]

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