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Overwatch Patch Lands on PTR, Makes Blizzard World Map Playable & More News 0

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Blizzard has released a new Overwatch patch for testing on the Public Test Region. It introduces a new map, Blizzard World, which celebrates several Blizzard universes. In addition to this, players will now be able to remove all bots from custom games. The patch also contains a load of bug fixes. For the full list of patch […]

Overwatch Free Weekend Has Begun, Go Try out All 26 Heroes News 0

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If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the allure of Overwatch, and haven’t yet invested money into the hit Hero shooter, then this weekend is your opportunity to try the game for free.  The Overwatch free weekend is now live across all platforms, allowing unlimited access to the 26 Heroes (including newcomer Moira), Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade.  […]

Overwatch Patch Adds New Hero Moira, Buffs Ana & More News 1

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After being on the test server for the past couple of weeks, Overwatch‘s latest update is now live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch adds Moira, a new support character with both regenerative and degenerative “technologies.” In addition to this, Blizzard has tweaked several other heroes including Ana, increasing her damage from […]

Overwatch Xbox One X 4K Update Being Worked on, Blizzard Confirms News 2

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The Xbox One X is seeing more and more existing titles offering their support with “enhanced” patches, bringing 4K visuals, HDR compatibility, and other goodies to the platform. One popular title that hasn’t yet received an Xbox One X update is Overwatch. However, while speaking to Windows Central, developer Blizzard confirmed that support is planned and […]

Overwatch Movie is Something Activision “Would Like Very Much” News 1

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What with how popular the many Overwatch shorts have been, I think it’s inevitable that one day soon, we’ll see the game’s lovable cast on the big screen. An Overwatch movie seems like a no-brainer at this point, and it looks like Activision is more than up for it! In an interview with MCV, Activision senior executive Tim Kilpin commented […]

Blizzard: Overwatch Doesn’t Belong in Loot Box Controversy News 4

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There’s been a lot of discussion happening lately regarding loot crates due to AAA games like Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II (just to name a few) implementing it in their games. While the ESRB might not deem it as a form of gambling, a lot of gamers are still not OK […]

Overwatch Team & Voiceover Talent Congratulate Subreddit on Hitting 1 Million Subscribers News 1

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r/Overwatch has hit 1 million subscribers! It’s not only the game’s Reddit community jumping for joy, but also the Overwatch developers and voiceover talent.  Here’s a message from several voices of the game, as well as Blizzard’s VP Jeff Kaplan: Congratulations from the Overwatch Team from Overwatch With Reddit being Reddit, there’s a bunch of great comments […]

Overwatch Update Lets PTR Users Play as Moira, Tweaks Hero Balance & More News 1

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A new Overwatch update is in progress, and is currently available to be tried out on the Public Test Region. The new update brings a brand new hero, Moira. Moira is a support character, allowing her to heal allies or drain an enemy’s life. In addition to a new hero, Blizzard have worked on balancing […]

Overwatch New Hero Moira Introduced, New Map Revealed News 0

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At BlizzCon, a few an Overwatch new hero and new map was announced by the studio! Blizzard is adding a new Overwatch hero,”Moira,” and according to Blizzard, she’s a “geneticist” though one that throws morals and ethics out the window. Check out details of her abilities and her reveal trailer below. Role: Support (Difficulty to […]

New Overwatch Update Hits PTR Buffing Ana, Nerfing Mercy & Fixing Bugs News 2

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An Overwatch update has hit the PTR, buffing Ana, nerfing Mercy, and fixing a bunch of bugs. This patch can be experienced right now on the PC Public Test Region. Once it has been deemed suitable for a full build release, it will be rolled out across all platforms.  Give the full list of patch […]

Overwatch Roadmap Details Addition of eSports Tools to Make Matches More Watchable News 3

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During a new developer update, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan sat down to discuss the Overwatch roadmap and the next priority for the development team. With the Overwatch World Cup coming up, Kaplan wants to assure fans that watching the event will be made easier by the use of new tools.  Debuting during the BlizzCon event, the new eSports […]

Overwatch Update Is Now Live, Patch Notes Detail Lucio & Mercy Changes News 0

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A new Overwatch update has been rolled out to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its main targets are Lucio, Mercy, and pesky bugs! Here’s the full list of changes, along with some developer comments to help you understand the thinking behind the alterations: GENERAL UPDATES Social Players can now set their social status to Online, Away, Busy, […]

Overwatch Player Count “35 Million Players And Counting…” News 0

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With games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite recently dominating headlines with ever-increasing player count figures, and titles like LawBreakers doing the exact opposite, gamers have become a lot more conscious of how many of their peers are playing alongside them. While newer titles are attracting the most attention regarding player counts, we can’t forget about last year’s massive hit, Overwatch. Blizzard’s title […]

Overwatch Copycat “Heroes of Warfare” Developer Being Sued By Blizzard News 2

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Blizzard is taking aiming at a copycat game by the name of Heroes of Warfare. It’s a mobile title that plays like and looks incredibly similar to Overwatch. Blizzard China and NetEase (Overwatch‘s Chinese operator) believe it’s a blatant rip off and are taking legal action. I mean, you can’t exactly blame them! Just look at the […]

Overwatch Update 2.21 Out Now, Check the Patch Notes Here News 0

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Overwatch fans, there’s a new Overwatch update out now (1.16 or 2.21 on PlayStation 4), and clocks in at a whopping 18GB! As one can expect, there’s a lot of hero tweaks, as well as gameplay adjustments that are made. Aside from that, expect the big Halloween update to be part of it as well. […]

More Overwatch Halloween Skins Revealed, Check Out Mei, Zenyatta & More News 2

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Those eagerly anticipating the upcoming Overwatch “Halloween Terror” event, will be happy to see that a few of the more premium rewards have been shown off on the Overwatch Facebook page.  Scroll down to preview the skins for Zenyatta, Mei, Symmetra and Reaper. The Halloween Terror event will begin on October 10, running up until November 2. As well […]

Overwatch Halloween 2017 Event Returns, Brings “Spooky New Content” News 1

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An Overwatch Halloween 2017 event has been confirmed to be happening from October 10 to November 2. It will be named “Halloween Terror” and promises to bring “spooky new content” to the game. If it’s anything like last year’s Halloween event, players can expect a huge number of themed cosmetic items to be made available. Get ready […]

Overwatch Top 500 Console Player Reaches Top 500 of PC Using Only a Controller News 0

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While the (annoying debate) between console and PC fanboys will seemingly last on until forever, it’s usually accepted by everyone — including console players — that the superior input method for shooters is using a mouse and keyboard. Well, it seems, someone forgot the memo as a console “pleb” has somehow reached the top 500 […]

Overwatch Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One, Mercy Tweaked & Maps Removed From Deathmatch Rotation News 0

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The Overwatch patch implemented into the PC version of the game six days ago, has now come to PS4 and Xbox One. The update primarily targets Mercy, while also making tweaks to the Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch map rotations. Here’s the full list of Overwatch patch notes: General The credit that Mercy’s Resurrect contributes toward […]

Overwatch Bug Causes Seasonal Bans and Devastating Skill Rating Loss News 1

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Following the game’s free weekend, a rare Overwatch bug has been discovered. This bug causes players to lose their skill rating progress and receive a season ban from Competitive Play.  Over on the forums, game director Jeff Kaplan explained what the bug does and how his team is working to fix it: “We recently identified a […]

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