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Blizzard Outlines gamescom 2017 Schedule News 0

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In just under a week, gamescom will be kicking off in Germany and that means gaming news, previews and more. One studio attending will be Blizzard, who has outlined what they plan to show at the event. First off, there will be no press conference for Blizzard this year, which means the chances of a […]

Get Free Overwatch Loot Boxes for Being an Amazon Prime Member News 0

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Who doesn’t want free stuff?! If you use Amazon (or even if you don’t) and an Overwatch junkie, then you’re in for a treat! Amazon is giving away five free Overwatch loot boxes through its Amazon Twitch Prime service that’s free for Amazon Prime members. Members can get the free Overwatch loot boxes until September […]

Overwatch Team Deathmatch Mode Set to Be Added Soon News 0

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Hold on to your seat, folks! Overwatch will be getting Team Deathmatch (TDM) in a future update! Yep, you read that right! Blizzard’s hero shooter will finally dabble in Call of Duty territory. Already available on the PC’s PTR (Public Test Region),  Deathmatch and Team Deathmach is set to be released officially on the PC, […]

Overwatch Summer Games Event Is Here, Unlock 50 New Seasonal Items & Returning Gear From Last Year News 0

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The Overwatch Summer Games are back for 2017! Featuring 50 all-new season items and gear from 2016’s event, there’s a hell of a lot to unlock during the summer period.  The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun! This year, we’re celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play. […]

Overwatch’s Latest Update Is Now Live, Patch Notes Inside. News 1

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As we previously reported yesterday,Overwatch new seasonal event “uprising” update is now live. The new event includes the usual goodies such as skins, cosmetic items and, but the main focus is the brand-new event gamemode “uprising”. As usually, alongside the update Blizzard has released a full patch note detailing all the changes. Overwatch Uprising Patch Notes […]

Leaked Overwatch Trailer Focuses On Upcoming Event, Skins And More News 2

News 2

After just hinting that Overwatch would see some big content update on the official Blizzard’s social media pages, a leaked trailer surface showcasing off the many goods players can expect to see come April 11th. As according to the leaked video in question (unfortunately pulled as of this writing) Overwatch next event will be called “King’s Row […]

Overwatch – Winter Wonderland Update Now Live, Includes A Nutcracker Zenyatta Skin And More News 10

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It’s time to get into the holiday spirit in Overwatch and what better what to do it than to transform the game into a giant winter wonderland thanks to the latest patch  making it possible. Much like the previous themed updates for Overwatch such as the Halloween update that featured some pretty sweet skins such as […]

Overwatch – Free Weekend Starts September 9 News 2

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If you’ve been thinking about picking up Overwatch, now is your chance to try it out. Blizzard will be hosting a free multiplayer weekend that’ll give you access to every character, map, and game mode available. The free weekend begins September 9th and ends the following Monday, on September 12th. It’ll be available for both […]

Latest Overwatch Patch Introduces Ana, One Character Limit Per Team In Competitive Play, & More News 0

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After announcing Ana last week, the first of many post-launch heroes that Blizzard will release, players won’t have to wait any longer to get their hands on one of the original agents of Overwatch. As of this writing, a new patch is now live that makes Ana a playable character. The update also offers some […]

Meet Ana, Overwatch’s First Post-Launch Hero News 0

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After some wild speculation, Blizzard has officially revealed Overwatch’s first post-launch hero. Ana, the original Overwatch agent and mother of Pharah, joins in on the fray. She’s equipped with a Biotic Rifle that’s capable of healing teammates, a sleep dart, and a Biotic grenade that boosts all healing for allies and prevents healing for the enemy team. Her Nano […]

Overwatch’s July Console Patch Adds Competitive Play & More News 0

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After weeks of waiting, both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One versions of Blizzard’s new hero-shooter, Overwatch, are set to receive the much anticipated Competitive Play mode in the very near future. According to the studio, the update is set to go live on July 5th alongside a new patch that will tweak some of the […]

Overwatch Review – Blizzard’s New IP Delivers a Polished FPS Experience For Everyone Reviews 11

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It’s been 17 long years since Blizzard pumped out anything wasn’t related in some way to one of its big three IPs: Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. Though all three will go down in history as some of gaming’s most iconic and beloved video game series ever, fans are now welcoming a new member to the Blizzard family. […]

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