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Xbox One April Update Rolling Out Tonight – Patch Notes News 65

News 65 For those of you who aren’t apart of Microsoft’s Xbox One Update Preview program, the April update is rolling out tonight through tomorrow. The new update offers a myriad of new features and fixes, which you can see below. Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your […]

Latest Diablo 3 Hot Fix Increases Legendary Drop Rates From Rifts And Kadala News 1

News 1 The latest round of hot fixes for Diablo 3 will definitely make a lot of dungeon crawlers happy. The update, now live, greatly increase the chances of finding bonus Legendary items from Rifts from 25% to 100% while increasing the chance of receiving a Legendary item from Kadala. Check out the notes below: April 9 […]

Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 Now Live, Buffs Crusader And Witch Doctor Classes News 2

News 2 A new patch for the PC and Mac versions of Diablo 3 is now available for download as of this writing. In the update, Blizzard is greatly improving the Crusader and Witch Doctor classes while addressing a few bugs. You check out the pretty lengthy patch notes over at, courtesy of Blizzard. You can […]

Latest Call of Duty: Ghosts Patch Notes Detailed News 2

News 2 After a bout of Call of Duty: Ghosts game updates across all platforms over the past few days, developer Infinity Ward has outed a complete list of fixes, updates, and tweaks that are now in effect on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. In addition, Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation is now […]

New Battlefield 4 Console Updates Roll Out, More “Netcode” Fixes and Balance Tweaks News 37

News 37 Along with today’s launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium subscribers, developer DICE is rolling out a significant new game update for the console versions of the game. The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 are all receiving the update today, with the exception of the Xbox One patch that DICE has stated […]

New Titanfall Server Update Rolling Out, Nerfs Smart Pistol, Tweaks Scores, and More News 32

News 32 A new server side patch is rolling out for Titanfall on the Xbox One and PC. Along with a number of bug fixes, there are a few notable balance changes as well. The Smart Pistol is getting a bit of a decrease in damage and hip-fire accuracy, for instance. Game modes like CTF and Attrition […]

PvZ: Garden Warfare Patch Notes For Upcoming Garden Variety Update Outed News 8

News 8 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is all set receive its Garden Variety DLC in just a few hours, adding a new game mode, multiplayer map, abilities, and more. On the eve of release, community marketing manager Stephanie Bayer has revealed the notes for the upcoming patch launching shortly before Garden Variety goes live. Here they are: Garden Variety Patch […]

New Killer Instinct Update Available, Latest Dev Stream Details Fulgore News 0

News 0 After being awfully silent the past few weeks, Double Helix has a treat for all Killer Instinct players today. A new patch for the free-to-play fighter is now available, which fixes the replay function and more. For the full details, view the patch notes below: Killer Intinct March 6 Patch Notes Players will now be […]

Battlefield 4 Patch Hits PS4 and PS3, Players Receiving Veteran Battlepacks News 43

News 43 Two new game updates hit the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 4 earlier today. Similar to the game’s Xbox 360 update earlier in the week, reports are coming in that some users are receiving their Veteran Battlepacks for their Soldier. The updates also contain similar notes to the Xbox 360′s patch, including […]

Latest Team Fortress 2 Patch Adds Thief Related Items News 0

News 0 Shooter fans, as well as fans of Square Enix’s Thief series, will have something special waiting for them after downloading the latest patch for Team Fortress 2. Celebrating Eidos Montreal’s recent launch of Thief, Team Fortress 2 is introducing a number of Thief-related items, including a Bow Weapon for the sniper class and four other items. […]

Latest Killer Instinct Patch Fixes Jail System, Spinal, And More News 5

News 5 Keeping true to their word, Double Helix has finally released an update for Killer Instinct that would stop the wrong players from being sent to jail and addresses some issues regarding the latest character addition, Spinal. Check out the patch notes below, courtesy of the Double Helix forums: Jail System Adjustments All “Jail” stats have been RESET […]

COD: Ghosts Personalization Packs Now on Xbox, New Patch Hitting All Platforms Media 10

Media 10 An interesting batch of Call of Duty: Ghosts personalization packs hit the Xbox Live Market place today for users on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Duck, Space Cats, Ghosts, Captain Price, and new loadout slots are all a part of this package that range from $1.99 items to $3.99 items. You can catch all […]

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