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PS4 Update 5.00 Nobunaga Finally Out, Here’s the Full Features List News 2

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After months of being in beta, Sony has finally released PS4 update 5.00 or also known as “Nobunaga.” Same with other versions of Sony’s PS4 updates, Nobunaga is jam packed with features!  Clocking in at a surprisingly small 370MB (download link), PS4 update 5.00 lets you add family members, set parental control settings, and a […]

PS4 Update 4.74 Out, Improves System Perforrmance News 2

News 2

Sony has rolled out a new PS4 update for the console’s firmware, and as one can expect from an unannounced console update, it’s mostly back-end and system stability tweaks.The main features in PS4 update 4.74 can be seen below as well as links to download it. Release Notes Main features in version 4.74 update This […]

PS4 Update 5.0 Leaked Patch Notes Revealed. Will Allow 1080p/60fps Twitch Streaming News 4

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If you’re the type of gamer who loves streaming your gameplay, then the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update will be right up your alley. Those looking to finally change their PSN usernames from xXxNoScopeMastahxXx to something a little less edgier? Well, keep on waiting. Thanks to leaked patch notes from Eurogamer, we now know what […]