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RuneScape Update Fixes Disconnect Issue, Removes “Pie” & More News 0

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RuneScape‘s latest patch has fixed crash caused by multitasking with other Windows applications, reduced memory usage of animation system and more. Find the full list of patch notes below: Graphical – The Skeletal Horror has now packed up his disco, leaving the environment behind him consistently lit. – The shadows on snow have been toned […]

RuneScape Update Includes More Tooltips, Tweaks Dungeoneering Map & More News 0

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Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape, separating the Dungeoneering map into its own top level interface layer. In addition to this, several tooltips have been added, a graphical issue has been corrected and more. For the full list of RuneScape patch notes, see below: Object tooltips: An item charge tracker has been added […]

RuneScape Update Increases Pet Storage, Adds More Tooltips & More News 0

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Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape, making several tweaks and fixes to the game. You will now be able to house up to 30 pets, and dismiss pets directly from your Menagerie. The “Ninja Fixes” also implement the ability to quick travel to Temple Trekking via the Mort Myre Swamp entrance gates with […]

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Halloween 2017 Event & Patch Details News 0

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RuneScape‘s developer, Jagex, has announced Halloween events for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, along with a new patch, making minor bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. The RuneScape event holds new discoveries to make, while playing through pages of “spooky tales,” whereas in Old School RuneScape you can try to survive a “hockey-mask-like-wearing-killer-stalking Gielnior.” Details on RuneScape‘s […]