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Report: Disney Unhappy With How Long EA Took Action Against Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions, Exclusivity Deal Threatened News 85

News 85

Following yesterday’s shocking announcement that EA finally caved in and removed (for now) all microtransaction elements in Star Wars Battlefront II, it seems we now know a bit more on what happened behind the scenes. According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, Disney talked with top-level EA executives over the growing backlash (something […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Removed Entirely, All Gear to Be Unlocked Through Progression (Update) News 19

News 19

Update: As expected, EA has confirmed our report. Check out the complete letter to fans in full below. Thank you to everyone in our community for being the passionate fans that you are. Our goal has always been to create the best possible game for all of you – devoted Star Wars fans and game players alike. […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic User Reviews Being Bombarded With Lowest Score Possible News 13

News 13

In news that’s not really surprising, the Star Wars Battlefront II Metacritic page has been bombarded with a flood of super low user score of 1/10 at the time of this writing. As one can expect, it has all to do with the loot crates, microtransactions rather than the game itself, which isn’t surprising given […]

Belgium Gaming Commission Investigating If Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes Constitute as Gambling (Update) News 0

News 0

Update: On Nov. 16, EA sent out a statement to Gamespot commenting on the story, stating that loot boxes and the mechanics behind them “are not gambling.” You can view their full statement below. Creating a fair and fun game experience is of critical importance to EA. The crate mechanics of Star Wars Battlefront II […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Devs Getting Death Threats and Personal Attacks Due to Loot Crate Controversy (Update) News 0

News 0

Update: Thanks to Kotaku, we now know that this individual doesn’t even really work at EA! You can read the weird, and hilarious unfolding of events here.  Sean, or whatever his name is has locked his Twitter profile, and have not replied to MP1st’s inquiries. Death threats and personal attacks are still NOT OK, regardless […]

Star Wars Battlefront II End of Match Rewards to Be Changed Confirmed News 0

News 0

During DICE’s Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session earlier today about Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE employees sat down and answered as many questions as they can about the game. One of the things asked was the end-of-match rewards in Battlefront II. If you’ve played the game, you might have noticed that players are given […]

Star Wars Battlefront II to Have Patches “Every Two Weeks,” DICE Taking a Look Into Progression & “Balance” Credits System News 1

News 1

It’s been quite a hectic week at EA when it came to Star Wars Battlefront II — and understandably so. While the publisher pulled back on the game’s loot crate-infused progression system a bit, gamers aren’t quick to forget, and it’s easy to see why. Having said that, DICE developers are doing an AMA tomorrow […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Unlock In-Game Prices Drastically Reduced, DICE “Fully Committed” to Community News 2

News 2

Following news that it’d take 40 real-life hours to unlock Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Battlefront II that understandably made quite a few people upset, EA has now released an update on how Heroes can be earned in the game. In an official post on the game’s website, Executive Producer at DICE, […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Galactic Assault Matches “Should’t Be Super Short,” DICE Discussing Internally About It News 0

News 0

If you played the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, then chances are you’ve given the Galactic Assault mode for a spin. Now for those who didn’t, Galactic Assault is a multi-objective mode that showcases everything the multiplayer has to offer: there are Heroes, vehicles and more. While the mode itself was fun, a lot of […]

Get Free Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Avatars Right Here, Right Now News 0

News 0

While Star Wars Battlefront II might be embroiled in some kind of pay-to-win controversy right now, those looking forward to the game can get something that won’t cost them a cent. Over on, there’s a bunch of missions that usually involve watching a trailer or liking a Facebook page that will net you some […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Box Pricing Revealed News 0

News 0

With EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II now available via early access on PC and Xbox One, we now have an idea of how much loot crates will be in the game! Loot crates in Battlefront II can be bought buy using the in-game currency called “Crystals” which we reported on last month. Below, you’ll see […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Content Roadmap of DLC, Seasons and More Revealed News 1

News 1

Most games these days have content planned just not at launch, but for months ahead, and Star Wars Battlefront II isn’t any different. Over on the official site for the game,  EA has revealed the Battlefront II roadmap of events, DLC and more! The Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Season will start this […]

This Star Wars Battlefront II Yoda vs Kylo Ren Lightsaber Duel Is a Must-Watch News 0

News 0

In case you didn’t know, Star Wars Battlefront II is now available in EA Early Access for the Xbox One and PC. While gamers can only play the game for 10 hours, it’s more than enough to get a good feel of the multiplayer, and in some cases, make awesome videos/.gifs! Over on Reddit, user […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Producer Claims “Loot Boxes Are Sometimes a Necessity” News 0

News 0

Following the recent controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, in addition to the increased negativity about loot boxes in general, a lot players have been waiting to see how exactly EA would respond to the microtransactions backlash.  In an interview with Angry Joe, Battlefront II producer Paul Keslin explained how he thinks that “loot boxes are sometimes a […]

Here’s Our First Look at the Star Wars Battlefront II New Loot Crates News 0

News 0

Just a few days ago, EA released a statement letting players know that the Star Wars Battlefront II progression and loot crate system are getting significant changes to make it more player-friendly, rather than “wallet-friendly.” Well, as it turns out we don’t even need to wait until the game’s November 17 release to see how […]

EA CEO: Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Feedback “Was Very Positive,” Loot Boxes “Not a Battlefront II-Specific Conversation” News 3

News 3

While we liked what we played of the Star Wars Battlefront II beta last month, it’s understandable if some players thought otherwise given the loot crates, weird progression system and so on. However, even with all that, EA CEO Andrew Wilson thinks the beta feedback was “very positive.” During EA’s Q2 2018 financial earnings call, […]

EA: We Will Most Likely Discount Star Wars Battlefront II Around the Movie’s Launch News 14

News 14

While Star Wars Battlefront II will ship out in a few weeks’ time, some might not have enough cash to pick it up due to the overwhelming deluge of games coming out during the holiday rush. If so, we (kind of) have good news for you! According to EA, Star Wars Battlefront II will “most […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Updated by EA to Reflect Feedback News 0

News 0

Possibly one of the major complaints from those who played the Star Wars Battlefront II beta (which we also touched upon), is the tendency of the game to be slanted to those willing to spend actual cash to get as many Star Cards as they want via loot crates, which can skew the multiplayer balance. […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Now in Gold Status News 1

News 1

Development on Star Wars Battlefront II has officially come to a close! While the developers behind EA’s upcoming Star Wars games will be working on day-one patches, servers and all that, the actual meat and potatoes of the game has now been sacked and ready for production. This was announced by Criterion Games over on […]

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