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Top 5 Call of Duty: WWII Leaks You Need to Know News 0

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Over on Pixel Enemy, I’ve published a video in which I list the most interesting Call of Duty: WWII leaks. These include weapon camos, Operations, and more! Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in the comments below. “This is Mack, for […]

Top 5 PUBG Console Alternatives News 0

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With Fornite Battle Royale having now launched on consoles, offering a legitimate alternative to those waiting for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to release on Xbox One and (possibly) PS4, I was inspired to find other PUBG-esque titles that console gamers can play. And so, without any further chit chat, here are the top five PUBG console alternatives! Click “play” on the video above […]

Top 5 PlayStation TGS 2017 Highlights News 0

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In this Top 5 video, I list the best moments from the PlayStation TGS 2017 conference. It was a busy showcase, featuring games big and small. I’ll be focusing on the larger titles, and those that are relevant to a worldwide audience.  For those of you westerners who weren’t awake to watch the show live, […]