The Division – 1.5 Patch And Survival DLC Now Available For PC, Xbox One

After releasing the 1.4 patch for The Division, which most can agree that it made many significant changes to the game such as adopting Diablo’s “loot can drop from anywhere” motto and a better end game. Massive Entertainment is now ready to release the second of three the DLC pieces for The Division.

Starting as of today, for those playing The Division on the PC and Xbox One can sink their teeth into the new Survivor DLC which puts you in the middle of a  more hardcore experience. As you’ll have to put your survival skills to the test as you survive the harsh NYC winter with little to no gear while fighting NPC’s and other agents who want to put you six feet under for the scraps you happened to come by.

You can catch the trailer for the DLC above.

Additionally, Massive has also pushed out a new patch for the game which includes new weapons, gear sets, and a new world tier.

The Division is available for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms.

  • marpla78

    i have unistalled the game…should i give it a try after this last patch?

    • Joel Santana


      It’s a lot easier to play and it doesn’t take long to get good gear.

      • Tri-Edge

        I’m sorry but this comment is just sad.

        • Joel Santana

          How exactly is it sad?

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  • Johnny Neat

    I’ve tried this update and survival is very interesting, worth trying.

    Unfortunately, the DZ is still tainted by douche bags who love grieving others (AKA rogue agents). This rogue agent concept appears on the surface to be a good idea, but let me say without question that it is not.

    It’s annoying to work your way through a DZ zone to get gear only to have it taken by groups who just wait to ambush other. Some times in groups larger than what is allowed that gang up on you and your team for your loot. It’s annoying, period. Nothing fun about any game that encourages such behavior to thrive. Call of Duty has done the same thing with it’s MP assignments. It’s like DEVs are clueless at times, more often than not.

    I hope that a DZ option appears at some point where players are encouraged to team up and fight the world rather than each other. One can hope. Until then, I guess this game will sit on my hard drive till it is time to completely erase and forget it. That or a single player mission shows up.


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