Ghost Recon Future Soldier Gets Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

  • Djsparx

    your date doesn’t match the videos date, you say 22nd, they say 25th 🙂 just thought i’d point that out 🙂

    • Thanks! The date I included is for North America (NA). I just added the UK one, which is in the trailer. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  • iikarmax

    Looks like Black Ops.

    • blitz1904

      This does NOT look like black ops. 

      • WasabeJuice

        The graphics especially the color pallete does make this game look like BOP.

  • blitz1904

    Looks really good. I wish they’d follow just one player though… in a good match.

  • Reg

    Looks like a MW mod. “kill confirmed” VoiceOver sounded exactly the same as in mw3. Yawn, looks like another great franchise trying to be call of duty 🙁