E3 2013 – Killzone: Mercenary Beta Begins August 21

We got some great news for all you PS Vita owners out there who are awaiting for the closed multiplayer beta for Killzone: Mercanary.

While, yes, it is a few months away, a solid release date has been provided via PS Home as to when the closed Beta will be starting.

Upon completing the Killzone: Mercenary Quest in PS Home E3 lounge, you’ll be granted with a voucher code (if it ever downloads) along with a confirmation date of when the beta will be available.

enter - gameplay - 2013-06-11 03-44-18

Make sure to watch the recent trailer from this year’s E3.

Are you guys excited to be playing Killzone on a handheld?

  • dieger

    some parts of the trailer look like KZ others look like like the NEW KZ which i dislike.

  • MegaMan3k

    Excellent, well made trailer. Tons of gameplay, sells the game on its fundamental idea, brings the title in with the series and then differentiates it. “A” effort.

    I wonder what sort of synergy this game will have with Shadow Falls.

  • Jeff Masser

    Where is the trivia quiz at?!

    I keep getting told to go to the “marker” after visiting the kiosk for kz: mercenary.. where is this marker?

  • Devin Jackson

    Il buy a vita, sony deserves customers after that press event. haha

  • Devin Jackson

    looks good on vita, thats killzone 2 quality

    • Baran Altuncu

      That’s Killzone 3 quality at the least.

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