“Only In Battlefield 3” Community Challenge Winners Announced

A while back, DICE organized a community challenge based on the epic moments players find themselves in while playing Battlefield 3 — the same epic moments that helped Battlefield 3 win MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2011.

Titled “Only in Battlefield 3”, the video contest has finally come to a close and DICE has announced the top three most popular picks. These three lucky YouTubers will now have the chance to visit the DICE studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Congratulations! We salute you.

Check out the winning videos below and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

3. TonyTheTuba
2. Dual Jet Efficiency
1. RendeZook

Thanks to Jorge Mendoza for the tip!

  • BingTheBluntMan


  • Anonymous

    They were all great! 🙂

  • Tupak Shacur

    They should’ve had one of those YouTube videos where each time the dude spawns he gets gunned down immediately or knifed. Only in BF3…

    • TheChiefZero

      but then it would be mw3

      • Anonymous

        BF3 also has major spawn issues. Only yesterday, I was playing at Karkand.
        I was standing in a corner while reloading my RPG and an enemy spawned right behind me. I heard him but I thought that was a spawn of a squad mate, so I didn’t look behind me.
        Then I facepalmed myself because it was an enemy and I got killed.

        • Colin_368

          true but they are doubling the spawn points on everything to help with that

      • a random stranger

        BF3’s spawn system is bad, but MW3’s is worse.

        • Hobnob

          bf3 spawns arnt bad. people should pay attenttion to who they are spawning on. or you may get spawn killed <_<

          • Phatl2028

            Sooooooo true, if people wouldn’t try to get piggyback kills by spawning off teammates they wouldn’t die as fast. YES Bf3 has a crap ass spawn system with the worst being TDM which might as well be called COD-Deathmatch, tons of spawn camping on that. One of the worst parts of the spawn system is when it keeps looping you into same point or area of map over and over again.

  • Man that first one can be a commercial in itself

    • Anonymous

      All have awesome footage, but Video 1 clearly has the best production.  Agreed, that could have been a commercial in itself.  Love that stutter slow-mo with the helicopter flipping over the player.