60FPS Footage Of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare On PlayStation 4 Pro Released

During the PlayStation 2016 Meeting, new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare campaign gameplay was showcased running on Sony’s newly-announced PlayStation 4 Pro.

You can catch the gameplay above.

  • Patrick Matthew Barahona

    Doesn’t it run 60fps on the regular PS4 as well?

    • Playmaker

      Believe yes

  • RedKnightOH

    Do you remember… when SONY said the reason to upgrade from your old PS3 to the new PS4… was you could play all the new PS4 games… in 1080p at 60fps!! The PS4 was to be the most powerful game console ever sold on it’s release day!!

    How did that work out?

    OK… this tells me it makes more sense… to just wait a year or 2 and upgrade to the even more powerful PS5. My original PS4 is just fine for me.

    Good luck with that PS4 PRO SONY!!

  • Playmaker

    This does nothing for multiplayer

  • Just saying

    I believe you wanted to say 4K HDR footage not 60FPS! I was considering to get the Pro but some rumors say that this isn’t the Neo after all and it’s just a direct competitor to Xbox One S? I’ll wait for E3 because who knows? We might see PS4 Neo announcement and that would be dope although it’s a slim chance. I’m only saying this because their PS4 Pro conference was bad so hopefully it’s just a minor upgrade.

    • jameslara

      No this is indeed the PlayStation Neo it matches leaked specs.

      The issue with that is everyone was expecting Sony to try and compete with Scorpio after Xbox announced it. That’s why a lot of people are having a hard time believing that this is that console

      I agree the conference was bad but looking at the console and what it has to offer it really is a good value. You’re not going to find a PC that cost $400 that could even upscale 24 K and yes it has been confirmed that it does do Native 4K starting with the Elder Scroll online in The Last of Us. I know Elder Scroll isn’t a great looker and I know the last of us is a last gen game but that game still looks absolutely amazing especially with the update on the PS4

      • mechcell

        “You’re not going to find a PC that cost $400 that could even upscale 4 K…” Plz tell me why my $450 dollars PC can run BF4 on med setting and around 45 fps at 4K and than downscale to 1080P. My PC is over 4 years now minus my gpu…. rip i replace it with another $200 card ( R9 380). Hell, even a 750 Ti (Nvidia 2014 med/low end $150 card) able to do that too.

        Since you talk about dollars amount then we can talk about the PC vs console cost. PS4 first, for last three years $400 for original PS4, $150 PS+ , $50 for another controller for total of $600 without any game also plus PS4 Pro $400 for new total of $1,000 Now my DIY PC $450 + 200 to replace my death gpu for total of $650. PS4 Pro is more or less on par with my PC. im waiting on Zen+ or any AMD cpu after Zen and AMD Navi for my next built.

        If they want everything running at native 4k but they need to give up both in frame rate and graphics to do so. PS4 Pro still not powerful much to be good at all three. Hell, even $3,000 PC with Nvidia titan XP still not much

      • OpinionsAreFrownedUpon

        Because it’s not that console. This console was made for the sole purpose of PlayStation VR.