Report – Upcoming Black Ops 2 Patch To Include a New Game Mode?

We don’t know much about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch, but based on previous statements made by Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, there’s a chance it may include a brand new game mode along with other big changes, as well as… dinosaurs.

What do you guys think? Could a new game mode be a possibility in the upcoming patch?

  • how about all modes being playable in hardcore? also i hope to god the target finders range gets nerfed

    • Nathan Cox

      Yes, yes to both of these. Target finder is unrealistically useful, going so far as to point out enemies at distances that render them invisible on even a very high resolution TV. Just point at the diamond and shoot… it’s too damned easy.

      I’ve recently become a big fan of hardcore, and I have no idea why the game modes don’t all translate. Maybe it’s just too easy to pick off an entire hardpoint location on hardcore?

      • Stephen

        Target finder? just dont go in the same place you got shot (but if whole team using it then use cold blooded no more red diamond on you) besides not like cod has been a game of skill lately well for me its more of a game of fun and in some ways i guess being easy is its appeal.

        well ive always loved hardcore especially in black ops 1 (PC) but i think in some modes itll be more about players racking up kills then playing the obj. Also weapons were balanced for normal play(at least is what they were going for) but i dunno wondering why they didnt add the other modes.

      • hardcore CTF is the best in BO2. it also has the longest games sad there are only 4 things to choose in the hardcore playlist 🙁

      • masada157

        Target Finder is balanced by the fact that it gives you nasty tunnel vision. Everytime I roll Target Finder, I get flanked since my peripheral vision is crippled. Reflex and EoTech are much more useful.

      • Sensou-Ookami

        Honestly, it has a sizable disadvantage though (in my experienced opinion using it), very low peripheral vision. I don’t think it is op because of this weakness, makes it more of a “depends on who’s using it” kinda thing, a certain tunnel vision skill set. Is better for LMG’s really, I feel like a turret.

    • Stephen

      target finder? honestly dont think they are a issue just means dont go
      the same way where you got shot really? (unless you got a whole team using it then use cold blooded to get rid of the red diamond) i dont really think target
      finder needs a nerf i dont use that attachment except on LMGs and i
      rarely use them. But if it indeed needs one maybe add more recoil when using that scope.

      Honestly would prefer a buff to assault rifles
      since they feel under powered compared to other gun types in the game.
      Maybe another round of smg nerfs to hipfire and ads(specifically msmc
      and PDW ads)

      • the problem with target finders is that they seem to have a unlimited amount of range. of course there is a perk that makes you not show up on target finders but if your like me and don’t like to use perks. *except scavenger* target finder become EXTREMELY annoying.

        • It’s just like Marksman from MW. I don’t see the problem.

          • Sensou-Ookami

            True, Marksman got hated on a bit too in MW3, but now it’s an attachment, just be thankful you can’t pop that attachment on a sniper rifle……….oh, I mean, silly me, ALL THESE DAMN MAPS SUCK FOR SNIPING, WHAT WILL BE THE POINT???

            • These maps suck for anything that’s not an SMG or pistol. I’m actually starting to miss some of MW3’s maps.

        • Weston

          They don’t have a range. It’s a sight! Are you stupid?

    • I’m all in with a Hardcore Objective Mosh Pit or the hardcore version of any popular core game modes. Otherwise with the small Hardcore community and limited game mode slots, you don’t have enough traffic to warrant their own game mode.

      Before you get started on the population count on league play, Treyarch push that idea hard. No way they’re cutting it.

    • SIGarette-553

      Don’t know why some people complain about the target finder. It cuts off a lot of peripheral vision so a person solely relying on it is prone to getting flanked.
      It can’t see through smoke unlike the dual band scope or MMS.
      A person can be just as easily seen with any other sight besides the target finder in fact, the only time it truly comes in handy is when it spots a person clipping from behind cover or sitting in a dark corner, you know, those cheap tactics that waay more people have been complaining about since like forever…..I swear, some people love finding things to blame their sucking on..

      • well that’s just my opinion on the matter when i said it needed a range buff i do believe it does BUT not a huge one it should not be able to see the enemy team from way across the map on turbine.

        • The maps are far too small for a range buff. I play hardcore almost exclusively and you can be 1 shotted with a pistol across the entire carrier or helopad to ridge on drone. IF anything they need to buff the bolt action snipers in hardcore. I say at the very least take away weapon sway with the ACOG. Oh and I play on PC where the target finder hinders your game play because there’s no auto aim and the box stays the same size regardless of distance. You basically end up shooting near the person but the box is so vague it’s hard to tell.

    • Weston

      The Target Finder doesn’t have a fricken range. It’s a sight. Only guns have ranges. Beejesus some of you whiners are literally too stupid to insult.

  • damn that is one sexy XM8 :3

    • It’s my baby 🙂

      • I bet you report Treyarch for child abuse shortly after they nerf it.

      • hm

        What camo is that?

        • XM8

          it was exclusive camo when u bought carepackage edition or hardened edition

  • pete

    How can they focus so much on dlc/buffs/nerves and other crap when many people can’t even play the game because it’s still broken

    • Stephen

      many? you mean minority. same reason why they wont make every mode hardcore is because its a minority. If you have issues im sorry for your trouble

      • Dirtknap

        While the entire community isn’t plagued by netcode/lag comp issues (throw bad spawns in the mix too) it wouldn’t be fair to write the players off that have a poor experience. It seems that a substantial portion of the community are effected in some way or another.

        • uhopeisarcastic

          i have hade 2 bs spawns and ive put in a goid amount of time. (lag i get a bad host id say 1/5 games so i can agree there) you cant tell me the spawns are worse than liberation lol

          • Dirtknap


    • yeah my black ops 2 still freezes sometimes :/

    • Nerfs and Buffs do fix the game, to a degree. Balancing and what not. Although I’m guessing you mean the freezing, crashed, lag, etc.

  • PlatinumSoldier

    That camo is only for season pass holders, right?

    • Limited or Care Package Edition owners. Season Pass owners get a sexy grey and orange one.

      • Season pass holders don’t get an additional camo. Just a player card.

        • That’s right! It was a player card, not a camo. My bad.

          • Lol, just didn’t want people thinking you get a camo <3

            • david fails

              lol i thought i got ripped off till u saved the day by correcting him

    • That’s the Collecter’s Edition Hardened camo (:

      • PlatinumSoldier

        Thanks 🙂

  • MassNERDerer

    I would love a new gamemode. Specifically, more mosh pit type modes (team tac, etc.) playable with teams. I just love those modes so much. I like variety! League play is a good option, but would love it to include more modes.

  • tanile

    Dinosaurs!!! I have been waiting for DICE to put dinosaurs in BF3 since the launch of the game. If Call of Duty beats them to the punch I would be seriously upset because I want battlefield to have its own unique and fun game mode. Hurry up DICE! In all seriousness though, I hope that when they say dinosaurs, they mean an actual game mode. I doubt that is even possible at this stage though 🙁

    • Never gonna happen

      Yeah then we will have whinny ass noobs on here bitching that the Dinosaurs are overpowered. DICE is a serious studio they dont mess around with kid shit like COD so its likely to be in COD before BF.

      • Come up for air for a bit. Hate to see you choke on DICE’s figurative dick.

        • Never gonna happen

          I just did but you sucked all the cum out of it. Damn you.

          • wtf? Stop being a hating fanboy and go pick on some other game like WarZ.

          • My bad. I’ll save you some next time

          • Crude but it’s still gold..

      • stupid bf3 fangirl

        wtf r u here reading cod posts? stupid bf3 fangirl go cry to stupid dice about all the bs they tell u. u must be jealous of cod

        • COD girls calm down.

          Wow I got five COD girls to post about my comment. Little kids always get there feelings hurt quick. Whats funny is i dont even play COD anymore and I could get on and go up against you guys and own your asses. Why you ask? Because a one armed drunken monkey can play COD.

    • what’s probably gonna happen is it will be a playercard or emblem maybe if anything. but maybe they will replace the zombies model with velociraptor for a week XD

  • Cannot wait

    I heard the new mode is going to appeal to COD fan base. When you spawn all you have to do is pull the right trigger and you get kills. It is going to be awesome.

    • i heard you just bitch and bitch about CoD. Its not going to be awesome.

  • igosoplus

    how about they fix the connection

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Agreed, there is still dino sized lag even if you have great internet speeds.

  • Anon

    The Dinosaur thing will probably be a camo for weapons. lololol

  • More hardcore game modes! Seriously, one can only take so much ctf and kc, and the game wasn’t built well for s&d.

  • If they add prestige levels, they might add a prestige emblem with a dinosaur on it.

  • Treyarch

    I can tell you officially – no, there is not a new game mode.

    There is a new Zombies mode as you know with the DLC, but no new game mode.

    Playlist updates? Maybe…

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Sweet, hopefully we will be calling in the Killstreak: Velociraptor War Mount, can see myself now riding that dino around with my MSMC held out like a sword charging into the fray. A nice futuristic, robot raptor though, have stick to the time frame of the game.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Maybe some dino camo’s for our guns too? Classic Jurassic Park safari jeep camo, no?

  • DarthDiggler

    Maybe they will add a short cut in the main menu to load Battlefield 3. 🙂

  • DamnSkippy

    how about they fix the ongoing glitch were you are for no reason reset/rolled back and worse stuff you have unlocked gets locked again including emblem banners reticules and and to add more to that shit you lose all unlock tokens in your current prestige and cant gain anymore no matter how long you play
    Also fire everyone in customer support where the answer i ended up getting was lets wait and hope the developers fix the problem and hope it doesnt happen again but theres no way to recover what was lost
    and to add more doucheyness the guy actually told me to stop wasting time on the customer chat stop complaining and get back to the game

  • lol? why are here many bf fans? go to your shit game. And why you keep saying cod black ops 2 plays kids? just mute them? bf shitfanboys

  • hm

  • Any news on the update? Been a few days now…..

  • the dom

    What about the ps3 console shut downs I still cant play the game that I paid full price for

  • Will there be a sequal to Black Ops-2 in the near future ?