Warframe Kogake Trailer Released

Along with the previous profile trailers, Digital Extremes has released a new trailer featuring the Kogake, a new Tenno reinforcement weapon that is now available in the Free-to-Play title, Warframe.

If you haven’t yet, you can register to play the game here on the PC, while the PS4 version of Warframe is set to release later this year with the console. Don’t forget to participate in this weekend’s contest, where you’ll have the chance to earn some extra goodies.

  • WarHero

    I’m loving this game I can swing swords but now I can be a martial artists?!

    • B_Boss

      Sheesh no kidding lol. This game looks amazing.

      • Dirtknap

        Big time, I’m not normally big on coop multiplayer titles, but I am seriously looking forward to this bundle of slickness!

        • B_Boss

          So many damned games….so little money (for me lol). Going to go bats%$t insane with the choices available in 2014 lol.

          • Dirtknap

            ARGH I know, but its not just a cost consideration, I also need to figure in time against value. But I guess that’s why I’m so amped with the FTP titles coming to PS4, they will supplement my other purchases nicely.

            • B_Boss

              Time against value, thats an awesome formula to remember man lol!. In addition to the FTP, it’ll be nice to look forward to the (very possible) flood of Indie releases for the console as well.

            • Dirtknap

              Lol yeah, it’s something I weigh up on every purchase, I find it all the more necessary with a couple of little dudes to take care of. The prospect of seeing more indie titles hit the Playstation is pretty exciting, I expect we’ll experience dev creativity hitting new heights, its a great time to be a gamer 🙂

            • B_Boss

              Absolutely dude, absolutely ;). An awesome reminder when it comes to the chaos of game purchases, especially with these crazy nextgen’s coming about.

  • Aria68

    PS4 BABY!

  • Kevin Garvey

    would they ever put this game on the mac for steam?

  • SubXero

    Most of the enemies in this game look like Krogans.

  • CaptainZwabber

    From what I see on Youtube the game doesn’t look fun to me but since it is F2P, I’ll check it out with some buddies on PS4.

    P.S Does anyone know what War thunder will be, F2P or how much money (give or take)