Xbox Ahoy Kicks Off Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Stuart Brown, AKA Xbox Ahoy, who many of you may remember for his Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 weapon guides, returns with yet another series of informative and entertaining weapon info vids, this time taking a look at the weapons featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Each video looks at a different weapon’s historical background, damage, rate of fire, handling, magazine capacity and suggested builds to give you the upper hand in any fire fight.

To kick things off, Xbox Ahoy looks at the first assault rifle available in the game, once Create-a-Class is unlocked: The MTAR assault rifle.

Enjoy his first video in this series below, and make sure to subscribe to his channel for more Black Ops 2 weapon guides!

Looking for a detailed chart of all weapon statistics? Check out this in-depth Black Ops 2 weapon statistics chart!

  • gamers

    im sorry but weapon guide on COD is nonsense, this game is full connection issues either for or againts you so it dont matter what weapon u are using

    • But XboxAhoy is the YouTube equivalent of Morgan Freeman

      • That’s essentially it. Any excuse to hear his voice is fine by me.

      • MWsRAGE_5

        please how do you compare Morgan Freeman to a person that does meaningless weapon guides. here is a weapon guide… use submachine guns they all have the best rate of fire and best mobility thus making you immune against assault riffles specially the m27 because they suck.

        • masada157

          The M27 sucks??? It’s like the ACR from MW2!

          • MWsRAGE_5

            yeah in terms of accuracy yes but it lacks power.

            • masada157

              Nope. The M27’s damage ranges from 33-22, while the ACR from MW2 ranged from 30-20. So the M27 is actually slightly more effective than the ACR, which was (alongside the UMP-45 + Stopping Power) considered by many to be one of the most OP weapons in MW2.

            • For the most part, I’ve favored putting more rounds out rather than more damage in MW3 and BO2. This is because the hit registration is so poor I’ve found under worst conditions that close to half of accurately aimed shots never hit. This is with 4-bar network conditions at times, so it is not entirely due to packet loss or latency. The ARs in the game all mostly suck due to this fact. I’ve experimented with all of them, and while at times one AR will stand out, there are other times where the hit registration becomes inconsistent and I am forced to fall back to a faster-firing weapon.

          • derp

            Not exactly lol.

        • His voice is god-like.

        • Because we both have incredible voices.

      • betosobreira

        I’m wondering who’s equivalent to Clint Eastwood then… XD

      • I’m honored.

    • DanDustEmOff

      use the scorpion evo its an anti lag beast

      • thebulky1cometh

        The scorpion is nice but that small clip kills me.

        • GoMonkey66

          Scavenger + extended mags

          • thebulky1cometh

            Hate to spend 2 of my valuable 10 points on scavenger and extended mags!


    Just check out his Time to Kill videos. Explains the Call of Duty weapons perfectly.

  • AlviCerrista

    Hate the Cod series but the sound of his voice …

  • JasJw

    Weapons and perks don’t matter in this game because of all the connection , lag issues. What’s the point in having QuickDraw etc when the lag slows you down.

  • Lol

    “This versatile weapon will humiliate your opponent and leave hiM TARred and feathered.”

    XboxAhoy is still a smooth mofo, it seems.

  • the specialist

    bo2 is a very good game but its servers sucks!

  • Alpine Maffu

    It’s amazing how far a British accent and a bit of Wikipedia research can take you.

    • Your a moron.

      • Alpine Maffu

        Explain how?

        • Alex

          First of all… he’s from Manchester and that’s from the United Kingdom if you didn’t know… second, I’m sure he’s done FAR more than a bit of Wikipedia research, just take a look at his Behind the Scenes videos on his second channel AhoyXbox. Try checking your facts before making these kind of statements.

          • Alpine Maffu

            Manchester is in Britain. Britain = British. I should know, I live there. Try checking #your# facts before making these kinds of statements

          • Lmao… that’s like saying “He’s from California, that’s in the United States. He’s not from America.”

            • Alpine Maffu

              Haha, I’m glad it’s not just me who found that reply odd!

  • BlackOPs2222
  • Nubslayer

    jesus enough with the BLOPS2 kiddie game coverage, isn’t there anything else happening in the gaming world? seriously. The hot pocket eater COD kids dont even read this website.

  • Michael Kelley

    I’m very happy that Treyarch hasn’t locked him down with a contract like Activision did. I may not like CoD, but watching his videos is always entertaining.

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  • Mr. X

    I got this game on launch day, was excited by how solid gameplay felt and how good framerate stability was and how it seemed different. Two days later, was upset at how there wasn’t anything new and how gameplay was stale and full of twitchers, and how bad lag comp was. Sold it after ten days and bought BF3 premium with trade-in credit. That is all.

  • Teh

    Hey there could you send me this picture, the weapon guide one in a 1280×720 format? Its awesome!


    dont understand this