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Multiplayer Making a Splash in the Gaming Industry News 1

News 1 The gambling industry has enjoyed a massive boom during the 21st century, and this looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. The global market for the online sector alone is expected to top more than $127 billion by 2027, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 percent over the next seven years. […]

Undetected Modern Warfare Hacks: Do they Exist? News 0

News 0 Yes, undetected Modern Warfare hacks definitely exist. In fact, they actually aren’t as rare as most would expect them to be. Most of the top providers can offer you undetected cheats from Modern Warfare, which is to be expected. COD is one of the most popular franchises in the history of gaming, which is why […]

What Is an Evolved Video Game That Young People Are Enthusiastic About in Japan? News 0

News 0 In 1983 Japan introduced the Family computer with games and handheld game consoles. Since then, these games continued evolving. The history of games in Japan, where Japanese young people have walked along with “MARIO” has changed dramatically, and now the center of gravity is shifting from the virtual world to online games, using real money. […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Esports Enthusiasts News 0

News 0 In the recent past, eSports has grown to be a popular hobby and a thriving betting market. Betting on eSports has attracted interest from many people due to its simplicity. Many online betting platforms offer eSports betting to their users. For instance, once you download the Betway Mobile app and create an account, you’ll access eSports betting. […]

Paper Beast: Non-VR Version Will Be Released in October News 0

News 0 If you are reading this article, you were definitely interested in finding a bunch of fresh news about a non-VR version of Paper Beast! But as long as you have heard a little about it, we have collected all the information you have to know about this amusement. These days, a lot of video games […]

US Residents Find Gaming a Release, According to New Research News 0

News 0 Gaming is something that has really grown on a global scale in recent years. This can be seen in how much revenue the industry now generates. It is, for example, projected to bring in over $164 billion by the time 2020 comes to an end. This is up from $152 billion during 2019! As these […]

Game Developers Demand Money From the State to Become More Iternationally Competitive News 0

News 0 German game developers have caught up internationally in recent years and have produced some impressive titles. Games such as Elex and Risen from the Essen studio Piranha Bytes or Shadow Tactics from the Munich developer Mimimi Productions have become international hits and have won many fans all over Europe. However, producing high-quality games is becoming […]

Why Smartphone Game Apps Are So Popular News 0

News 0 While in the 90s it was still unthinkable to play on a small screen that you carry around with you, in 2019 it will be taken for granted. In the past, gaming was an activity limited exclusively to console and PC games. Today, smartphone games are part of everyday life and have long since arrived […]

E-Sport as a New Trend in Sports and Video games News 0

News 0 When it comes to e-sports, the spirits divide. A third group is not yet familiar with the term e-sports. As the term already suggests, this is sport in the broadest sense. However, this does not mean a classic sport that takes place outdoors or in a hall. Behind this term lies sport, which is played […]

Madden NFL 21: Multiplayer Mode Explored News 1

News 1 When it comes to the biggest sports in the USA and around the world, football is still riding high. Of course, when it comes to the best league in the world, nothing comes close to the NFL. According to, in 2018, there were 115 million people across America who described themselves as NFL fans, […]

From Board to Screen, Multiplayer to Solo News 0

News 0 Games, more particularly, board games, have played an important role for humanity over the ages.  For example, chess originated in Persia over 1,000 years ago.  So important and esteemed were the skills that went into chess that legends exist where princes of states on the brink of war would play chess to settle their differences.  […]

Gear That Every Gamer Should Own News 0

News 0 Some people find entertainment in watching shows and movies or listening to songs or even reading. However, some find it more entertaining to play games that take them to another dimension. For gamers, this form of entertainment can be quite expensive because aside from a console, as well as the games that they want to […]

4 Fall Games From The New Tony Hawk To Assassin’s Creed News 0

News 0 Autumn is the perfect time to switch to indoor activities. It may be difficult to find what to do at first and video games are always there for you to spend some quality time at home. Autumn is rich in new releases and everyone will find something for oneself – that’s for sure! Tony Hawk’s […]

Funniest Glitches Ever Seen in Madden NFL Video Games News 0

News 0 Sports video games can go one of two ways: some become must-haves for fans of the sport in question and others turn into the laughingstock of the online sphere. When it comes to the latter, one of the worst offenders is football, with the NFL making the fatal mistake of consistently selling its video game […]

5 Video Games That Cross the Line between Gaming and Taking Chances News 0

News 0 Nowadays “gaming” and “gambling” are often used interchangeably, even though there is a clear difference between both terms. To put it in simple terms, gaming is strictly an entertainment activity, while gambling provides players the opportunity to win real money while playing a variety of games. Recently, video game developers integrate minigames that share similar […]

Biggest Prize Payouts in eSports News 0

News 0 eSports is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular new sporting genres. In fact, it’s been estimated in recent years that eSports is worth around $138bn. With a diversity of games on offer and relatively low barriers to entry for spectators thanks to the digital-friendly nature of the tournaments, it’s easy to see why […]

Virtual Sports Ventures Growing In Popularity News 0

News 0 Ever loaded a computer sports game, either on your laptop or mobile device, or perhaps a game player and then let the computer play out the game while you watched to see the outcome? If so, then you’ve already got yourself a pretty fair handle on what it looks like to watch and wager on […]

Top 5 Popular Games That Have Been Developed in Finland News 0

News 0 Finland is home to some of the top games worldwide. The gaming industry in the country is among the fastest in terms of growth. Naturally, a game has to be attractive to keep players coming back, thus the need for continuous research and development of new games. Now and then, a new game pops up […]

A Guide to Making GTA$ in GTA Online’s Den News 0

News 0 Grand Theft Auto took the gaming world by storm on the release of its first 3D version in 2001. Over the last two decades, the game has sold more than 280 million copies and grossed around $9 billion US dollars in revenue.  GTA is best described as an action adventure game, players play characters that […]

Online Games for Girls Highlight the Gender Differences in Gaming News 0

News 0 Despite being played by well over a billion people worldwide, the gaming industry still struggles with inclusive titles and advertising strategies.  From which games are played, to what platform they’re played on, there are some pretty interesting dichotomies between gender motivators in online gaming. Prinxy, an online platform specializing in online games for girls, is […]

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