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Santiago Garza

Santiago Garza
Writer - News
I'm a hardcore gamer. I usually play League of Legends, Osu!, and many more.
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League of Legends Preseason 3 Patch Notes News 1

News 1 League of Legends’ Season 2 has been officially over for about a month, and to move on to next season, Riot Games has made some huge changes in the game. With these changes, they have even decided to launch a new website dedicated to informing player of the latest updates. As we head into the […]

Battlefield 3 Premium November Bonus Content Available Now News 17

News 17 As stated in the premium calendar, today, DICE has released the November bonus content for every Battlefield 3 Premium member, including a little extra for console gamers. New Platoon emblems and soldier profile images The first thing mentioned is a bunch of Premium exclusive Platoon decals which players will be able to use while creating […]

League of Legends “Shadow Isles” Patch Notes News 5

News 5 With the Twisted Treeline update just around the corner, Riot Games has released the patch notes list for League of Legends’ next update. This time, the patch not only re-balances champions and fixes some bugs, but adds a total 9 new items (exclusive to the map Twisted Treeline). Twisted Treeline New layout and reworked jungle that will […]

Happy Wars Out Today, Free-to-Play Xbox LIVE Arcade Title News 23

News 23 Happy Wars, the first Free-to-Play action game created by Toylogic, will be hitting Xbox LIVE Arcade today, October 12. This completely free game (for Gold Xbox LIVE members) will have a story mode, co-op and will feature the action-packed “Beat ‘Em Up” game mode. Beat ‘Em Up will feature 30 players (two teams of 15) […]

Preview – League of Legends Season 2 World Championship News 2

News 2 Today marks the beginning of the League of Legends Season 2 World Championship. Every team had enough time to prepare and plan new strategies to win. Twelve teams from across 6 regions (North America, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Mainland China) will fight for a prize pool of $2,000,000 USD. The tournament will last from […]

Valhalla Returns In Halo 4 as Ragnarok, New Mantis Vehicle Introduced News 15

News 15 343 Industries won’t stop blowing our minds until Halo 4 releases, and there is more great news to prove this. A new video has surged giving a preview of the new Mantis vehicle on the map Ragnarok, which seems to be a remake of the fan-favorite Valhalla. With the Mantis, this map’s gameplay as well […]

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