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6 Retro Games Still Relevant in 2020 News 0

News 0 In 2020, we have so many games and consoles to play with, from new and exciting creations to remakes and remasters of some of our old favorites and classics. This list looks at some of the most popular retro games and how they are still popular, even in 2020:   Pokemon   The Pokemon franchise […]

Games You Might Want to Keep Tabs on in 2020/2021 News 0

News 0 The upcoming launch of the next-generation consoles is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited events in the gaming industry. Millions of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X units are set to be sold worldwide and that will create lucrative opportunities for game developers. With experts predicting that the sector could generate annual revenues of […]

Best Streaming Platforms for Gaming News 0

News 0 (Sponsored Post) With the rise of Esports and gamers bringing in an income by streaming online, the number of streaming platforms has increased over the years. There are now tons of websites that enable gamers to stream their gaming in high definition and fantastic sound quality to viewers from all over the world.  If you’re […]

Top US eSports Events in the Second Half of 2020 News 0

News 0 The eSports bandwagon continues to rumble on in the United States, with the second half of the year packed with top-class events. With global industry revenues set to smash through the $1 billion barrier by the end of 2020, these are undoubtedly exciting times to be involved in eSports. Read on as we look at […]

Cool Ideas That Will Take Your Streams to the Next Level News 0

News 0 Video streaming is one of the most popular ways to create content nowadays. This lets your target audience get to know you more and what you have to say. The internet is saturated with so many streams from various platforms that standing out is the challenge. A lot of people now prefer live videos compared […]

How to Optimize a VPN to Improve Your Gaming Experience News 0

News 0 Virtual Private Networks or commonly known as VPN secures your privacy on the internet from potential hackers by hiding your IP Address and the information you transmit and obtain. For the most part, consumers used VPN solely for streaming and securing the connection in an unsecured place. However, a lot of VPN companies are targeting […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a VPN as a Gamer News 1

News 1 while gaming would be necessary. With time, it became clear that just like any other internet activity, gaming needed privacy and security. If you are yet to use a VPN for your gaming activities, it is probably because you don’t understand the need to.  Well, this guide is dedicated to explaining to you why the […]

Different Natural Products That Can Help You With Gaming News 0

News 0 Gamers review dietary supplements and products that can improve their gameplay and give them better experiences. The right supplements improve memory and lower profound health risks that gamers face every day. Reviewing different natural products that can help with gaming shows gamers why they should start a new regiment of these supplements and products. Cannabis […]

7 Exciting Online Games You Need to Play This Year News 2

News 2 The advancements in modern technology paved the way for people to enjoy various forms of online entertainment such as watching their favorite shows, listening to endless playlists, or even playing online games. The key is to have a stable and reliable internet connection for seamless streaming and ultimate gaming. If you are keen on playing […]

5 of the Most Popular Nightlife Themed Game Titles for Consoles and PC News 0

News 0 Whether it is real life or a video game, people have an innate desire to party. Even those amongst you who argue that they are introvert and don’t really like huge crowds, you are just a party-animal waiting to happen. Thanks to their photorealistic graphics and riveting gameplay, many console and PC games featuring a […]

Why Card Games Still Remain So Popular Within the iGaming Scene News 0

News 0 Since online casinos arrived, the iGaming experience has evolved to include various new and exciting games, from visually-polished online slots to progressive jackpots able to disburse millions worth of prize money. Despite all the flashiness of slots, though, card games have persisted, remaining as popular as they were when they were first played in dusty, […]

History of Coin Machines and Online Gaming News 0

News 0 From one-armed bandits to slot machines, the name has changed but the concept has remained the same. Today they are more commonly known as slots, but in classic casinos they have many names. These machines have been popular among casino players across the world for many years. But where did these devices originate? The world’s […]

5 Best and Fastest VPNs for Gaming News 2

News 2 You cannot take your online security seriously enough in 2020. There are more threats lurking out there than ever before. If you aren’t careful, then it is all too easy to find yourself in serious trouble. A VPN can keep you safe from at least some of the most common threats out there. While many […]

Video Games and Mental Health News 2

News 2 Playing video games is an incredibly popular leisure activity nowadays, and to have a smart and happy life, people play games such as puzzles or slot machines at casino online. Playing them releases a chemical hormone called Dopamine which is responsible for providing us with a happy mood and giving a sense of gratification to […]

Counter-Strike or Overwatch – Which Is the Best to Invest In? News 0

News 0 An infectious hype continues surrounding the gaming community over the popular computer games. Counter-Strike and Overwatch are the main examples of great cyber sports, thus we can witness the increase in their popularity. They both have exciting game modes, teams, heroes, weapons, etc. However, it can be difficult for a newbie (or sometimes even an […]

P2P Trading in Apex Legends: Why, When and How News 47

News 47 After reviving Apex Legends once again with several great updates from Season 5, EA and Respawn are set to make even more drastic changes to the game. It’s not official yet but highly probable that players will soon be able to trade cosmetics from Apex Legends outside of the game. Skins marketplace DMarket might be […]

Latest Video Game Themed iGaming Games in 2020 News 0

News 0 With the continued boom of the global gambling industry, more and more of us are decided to make the switch online and sign up for an online slots site. No matter if you love the adrenaline of the slot machine or the cerebral buzz of the tables, you will definitely fall head over heels with […]

Valorant: Everything We Know About Riot Games New Shooter News 1

News 1 Recently Riot announced the official closed beta for its new game – Valorant. The game was first unveiled during the League of Legends 10-Year Anniversary stream in October, but back then it was dubbed Project A. “What is Valorant?” Prior to this details about Valorant were sparse, but now that the closed-beta is underway some […]

The Video Games That Must Make It to Your Weekend List News 1

News 1 It is rather difficult to kill boredom when all you have to do sit at home, work from home and stay inside your house all day long. It might have sounded like a really amazing idea in the beginning. But sooner or later, the blues shall start hitting us and leave us wondering what else […]

All Ms office at Half price! Cheapest Office 2016/2019 in 2020! Extra 20% Off for Borderlands 3 News 0

News 0 Recently, many people complain that their working efficiency is far from the expectation. Especially when they were working from home, their life and work in a mess. Do you know why? The most important reason is that you have not upgraded your office software. Moreover,many people Afraid that it will cost them a lot of […]

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