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PS4 System Update 1.60 Adds Pulse Headset Support, Option to Mute Camera Microphone News 6

News 6 Rejoice wireless headset owners. With the latest firmware update, Sony’s Pulse Elite Edition and Wireless Headset are now compatible with the PS4, along with support for the upcoming Gold Edition Wireless Headset ($99). Sony also announced the return of the Headset Companion App (formerly the Pulse-Elite Manager App), which features developer-made sound modes to enhance […]

Xbox One ‘Games with Gold’ Program Details Coming “Soon” News 21

News 21 The ‘Games with Gold’ program has been around since July of last year, but up to this point, has only extended itself to Xbox 360 owners. According to Corporate VP Phil Spencer, the first details about the program for Xbox One users should be emerging shortly: @XboxP3 Phil when can we expect games with gold […]

Warframe 11.5 Update ‘The Cicero Crisis’ Available Now News 8

News 8 ‘The Cicero Crisis’ is now available for PS4 users to download. 11.5 includes all the hotfixes incorporated in the 11.5.8 PC Update. You’ll find the usual suspects here, such as new Warframes, weapons, and levels. Also included are some more PS4 specific fixes including performance degradation caused by ammo drops,  bandwidth optimizations for both clients […]

Elder Scrolls Online Will Allow Players to Become Emperor News 15

News 15 Players who prefer PvP may find extra incentive in Bethesda’s upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. According to an interview with Game Director Paul Sage, players can become Emperor by heading to Cyrodiil, the game’s PvP hub. Healing other players, seizing keeps, and defeating other players will grant Alliance points. If an alliance assumes control […]

Warframe Gameplay Impressions News 26

News 26 Warframe treads an area that hasn’t been throughly explored: the free-to-play console market. Instead of tacking on to the abundance of F2P MMO’s and MOBA’s out there, Warframe focuses on fast and frenetic third-person action. All missions (excluding the mastery tests) can be played co-operatively with up to three other players, and you don’t even […]

Nosgoth ‘War is Upon Us’ Closed Alpha Trailer News 1

News 1 Square-Enix has released another trailer for its upcoming free-to-play title Nosgoth. In the trailer, you’ll find some more snippets of in-game footage showing off the Vampires vs. Humans gameplay. If you haven’t already registered for the closed alpha (which is currently live), you may do so here. Square-Enix made note that the game is quickly […]

War Thunder PS4 Version Launching Nov. 29th Worldwide, Surpasses 5 Million Players News 5

News 5 Noticeably absent from Sony’s PS4 launch title list was the flight combat MMO War Thunder. Slated for a ‘Holiday 2013’ season, we now have a concrete release date. Gaijin Games has revealed the title will launch worldwide on Sony’s console November 29th. The release of the game coincides with the launch of the PS4 in […]

Sony’s Updated ToS Reserves The Right to Monitor All PSN Usage, Restrict Monetization of User-Generated Videos News 87

News 87 While privacy concerns have arisen previously with Microsoft over the inclusion of Kinect, Sony has expanded upon what data they can record in an effort to combat griefers. In the updated Terms of Service, Sony outlines what information they can monitor: 14: Are we monitoring PSN? 14.1: Yes but we can’t monitor all PSN activity […]

Sony Releases Massive PS4 FAQ – No External HDD support, Remote Play Over Internet, and More News 80

News 80 In anticipation of next month’s launch of the PS4, Sony has released a massive FAQ covering everything from launch titles, features of Playstation Plus, and support for used games. You can check out the full list here, but here are some interesting tidbits contained within the massive FAQ: Music Can I listen to audio CDs […]

Planetside 2 Will Miss PS4 Launch, Delayed Until ‘Early 2014’ News 14

News 14 It appears Sony Online Entertainment’s popular free-to-play MMOFPS Planetside 2 won’t be coming out this year after all. Speaking with TV station Bloomberg West, President of SOE John Smeadley had this to say about their free-to-play PS4 titles: As part of Sony, we’re actually helping the launch of the Sony Playstation 4 on Nov. 15th […]

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Questions Unanswered News 239

News 239 The idiom “hurry up and wait” comes to mind when discussing statements made by both Microsoft and Sony. For those unfamiliar with the saying, US military branches have a policy of showing up to meetings at least 15 minutes early (“If you’re 5 minutes early, you’re already 10 minutes late” goes hand-in-hand with this). However, […]

Valve Reveal Pt. 2 – Steam Machines Coming in 2014, Windows Client Support Will Remain News 25

News 25 Earlier this week, Valve announced its open-source SteamOS. Today in the 2nd part of its reveal, Valve has revealed details for Steam Machines which will run SteamOS natively. The first wave of Steam Machines will actually be released later this year to a select 300 beta testers. The 300 who are selected must first complete […]

Nosgoth Announcement Trailer – First Gameplay Footage and Closed Beta Details News 3

News 3 After months of rumors and speculation, developer Psyonix and publisher Square-Enix are ready to pull back the curtains on their free-to-play third-person PvP title, Nosgoth. Nosgoth’s combat focus is on ranged weaponry (Humans) vs. melee attacks (Vampires).  Humans will have access to a variety of bows, guns, and even a flamethrower to outfit their characters. […]

Valve Reveal Pt. 1 – Standalone SteamOS Available Soon, Next Reveal on Wednesday News 17

News 17 Those looking for an official SteamBox will have to wait a bit longer. Today as apart of their three-stage reveal, Valve released details for its standalone operating system called SteamOS. Built on top of the Linux architecture, SteamOS promises to provide developers with “significant performance increases in graphics processing” and let users “alter or replace […]

‘This is Battlefield 4 Multiplayer’ Trailer, Official Beta Dates News 105

News 105 The anticipation continues to grow, as EA and DICE today released a brand-new trailer for the highly anticipated shooter, Battlefield 4. In this trailer we get a look at what exactly the multiplayer will be offering, including snippets at features such as Levoution, vehicular combat, and the new spectator mode. DICE also updated some of […]

Steam Box Reveal Next Week? Valve Hints at Hardware Announcement News 26

News 26 At this year’s LinuxCon, Valve’s Co-Founder Gabe Newell took the stage to discuss multiple aspects of Steam development on Linux. Newell has been both a vocal supporter of the open Linux platform and a detractor of Windows 8 citing its closed platform as a deterrent for Valve and game developers. When it came time to […]

Halo 4 Champions Bundle Review: Ricochet and Pitfall Make This ‘Must-Own’ DLC Reviews 10

Reviews 10 With the release of the Castle Map Pack marking the conclusion of DLC for War Games Map Pass owners, it appeared 343i was moving past Halo 4 and setting their sights towards the next-gen consoles. What a nice surprise then to see the Champions Bundle DLC announced at this year’s RTX, immediately dispelling that notion. […]

ID@Xbox Program to Support Free-to-Play Titles, Will Be ‘No Different Than Any Other Xbox One Title’ News 53

News 53 Microsoft’s new ID@Xbox program seems to keep free-to-play titles in mind for the upcoming Xbox One Platform. Speaking to Joystiq at PAX Prime, Microsoft’s Portfolio Director of Digital Content Chris Charla says Microsoft’s new program will grant the same privileges to free-to-play and premium titles that retail releases are privileged too. “On Xbox One, games […]

War Thunder Not Coming to Xbox One, Developer Cites Microsoft Policies News 104

News 104 In a recent interview with Edge, CEO and President of Gaijin Entertainment Anton and Kiril Yudintsev discussed why their free-to-play MMO wouldn’t be coming to Xbox One. According to the developers, certain policies such as no cross-platform play and patching without Microsoft approval are major sticking points. Even with Microsoft’s announcement allowing indie developers to […]

PS4 War Thunder Gamescom Trailer, 300+ WWII Vehicles, Exclusive PS4 and PS+ Content Detailed News 7

News 7 Developer Gaijin Entertainment released a new pulse pounding trailer for War Thunder during Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference at Gamescom. It was previously revealed the PS4 version was set to debut at Gamescom and Gaijin had quite a bit to say about its free-to-play WWII Flight Combat MMO. PS4 fans will be glad to hear that […]

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