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Twisted Metal – Graphics Vs. Gameplay, Patch Focus, and More News 3

News 3 David Jaffe reveals some tough decisions the developers behind Twisted Metal had to make as well as some more details of game mechanics, in-game music, and modes. First off, Jaffe explains that DLC or changes to mechanic will not be made for Twisted Metal until they see how well the game does in sales and […]

BF3 – DICE Talks Bugs and Future DLC: Snowy Maps “A Definite Possibility” News 76

News 76 DICE comments on some of the issues that Battlefield 3 is currently facing and also answers suggestions for future DLC. Regarding the PlayStation 3, the two obvious issues many fans are upset about are the inpust lag and VoIP. We still have no information regarding the former but DICE has recently had this to say […]

Modern Warfare 3 Double XP and 1 Prestige Token for Elite Founders News 8

News 8 This holiday, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Beachhead Studios are embracing the season of giving. If you are a Call of Duty ELITE founder, the next time you boot up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on any platform, you should find a prestige token in your stockings, and two hours of double XP underneath […]

Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Update Now Live and Community Playlist Rotation Promised News 1

News 1 Robert Bowling reveals that a new update (hotfix) has been released earlier today for Modern Warfare 3. The matchmaking issues for smaller countries is apparently coming to an end with an update that when live a few hours ago. Robert Bowling explains that he “pushed another MW3 update for users in remote regions”. This update was “based on feedback.” On another note, when […]

BF3 Dev Responds to Over-Powered FAMAS, Operation Metro on CQ and More News 75

News 75 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz shares his thoughts on the FAMAS, Operation Metro on Conquest and discusses Comrose on consoles. Being a few days after the release of Back to Karkand, which included 10 brand new weapons, many fans are beginning to express concern over the FAMAS assault rifle being too over-powered. It seems like Kertz […]

BF3 Devs on Weapon Balance and Attachment Changes – “Less OP Combos and More Interesting Choices” News 20

News 20 Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE considers some significant balance changes to Battlefield 3. Alan Kertz has been good enough to usually let the community know what some of his plans are to tweak or change certain aspects of Battlefield 3 and to acquire feedback before implementing these changes. A few weeks back, he suggested some […]

Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo News 26

News 26 A few hours ago, we reported on the fact that PS3 paid Elite owners will have access to the DLC maps before regular 360 owners. While our report was based on the info provided by one of Activision’s own, Mikey Vega, it appears that he has pulled back his statement by deleting the tweet our report […]

Modern Warfare 3: 5000-Day Bans Explained by Infinity Ward News 17

News 17 Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward has recently shed some light on the banning process employed by the security team behind Modern Warfare 3. As you may remember, one particular Modern Warfare 3 player was made an example of when he received a 5000-day ban from the security team behind MW3. As Bowling mentioned earlier, this […]

MW3 – PS3 Elite Paid Users Will Get DLC Before Regular 360 Users News 28

News 28 Update: Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo. Activision customer support has shed some light on the release schedule of Modern Warfare 3’s DLC. In the last few years, Microsoft has had an exclusivity deal with Activision in order for Xbox Live subscribers to have Call of Duty DLC one month […]

Modern Warfare 3 – DLC Maps Leaked News 43

News 43 After searching through some Modern Warfare 3 files after the latest update, YouTuber MW3 Stream found some images of the supposed 4 new maps included in the recently announced DLC, arriving this January for Xbox 360 Elite Owners first. Below are the images found with the unofficial titles, except for “Park.“

MW3 Patch Details – PS3 Theater Update, Matchmaking and Shotgun Tweaks News 2

News 2 We recently listed some updates that are currently in the works for Modern Warfare 3 which you can read here, including a specific PS3 patch. However, this list has recently been updated and also includes another PS3 patch note that is slated for release this January. The additional notes are as follows: Several improvements to theater cued […]

BF3 Fixes – Random Bullet Spread, Audio Drop-Outs, and Comrose 2.0 in February News 20

News 20 Today, some new details have surfaces as to what the developers behind Battlefield 3 are looking into fixing. Some players have been noticing that there seems to be some sort of random bullet spread on some of the weapons, if not all of them. This was demonstrated rather clearly using a bolt-action rifle in this […]

First Image of Modern Warfare 3 DLC Revealed News 11

News 11 Robert Bowling has released the first image of Modern Warfare 3’s DLC coming in January. Earlier today, we reported on MW3’s first DLC coming to Elite premium subscribers. The DLC is going to release on January 24th, and Elite paid members will be able to  download it for free as part of the promised monthly DLC […]

New Twisted Metal Details – Number of Vehicles and Modes Revealed Among Other Things News 3

News 3 David Jaffe reveals new Twisted Metal multiplayer details. Be sure to read about multiplayer Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut first. In terms of how servers will be run, David Jaffe currently has no definite answer other then that his lead designer, who’s an absolutely brilliant person who has worked on multiplayer projects such as Warhawk according […]

First Modern Warfare 3 DLC Dated for Xbox 360 News 2

News 2 Robert Bowling has revealed that the first set of DLC will be released next month. Robert Bowling via Elite TV, premium, has announced that the first map pack will be released on January 24 for the Xbox 360. While the DLC will obviously include maps, Bowling teased that “a variety of things that players have never seen […]

BF3 – Back to Karkand Weapon Fixes Coming Soon News 25

News 25 Back to Karkand’s recent launch hasn’t been as smooth as DICE would have ideally wanted it to be. While it’s not plagued with issues, there are some kinks here and there that still need to be ironed out. Daniel Matros has officially announced that “QBU-88 Sniper rifle and MG36-LMG in Back to Karkand [are] not acting […]

BF3 Devs Respond to 2143 Rumor, Platoon Changes, and More News 19

News 19 Many of you have already noticed the Battlefield 2143 rumors floating about the internet after screens like seen below have surfaced. Of course, fans looked to Global Community Manager, Daniel Matros, for clarification. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for answers as Matros replied, “I will let the rumors linger […]

Modern Warfare 3 Unlimited Prestige Token Glitch Gets You Banned News 249

News 249 Last week, we reported on the 5000 day ban that one player received in Modern Warfare 3. While that player must have committed a considerable offence that resulted in a permaban, bans are being handed out to the ever popular prestige token glitch. Basically, this glitch enables you to have an infinite supply of prestige tokens to use. The prestige token counter would […]

Twisted Metal – David Jaffe On MP Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut News 1

News 1 David Jaffe is back again revealing many new details concerning how balance works and how the game is focused on team playing. During a recent PS Nation podcast, David Jaffe has recited that the single-player isn’t something as big as GTA or Batman, but compares it more with Ace Combat in terms of more focus on […]

Battlefield 3 – PS3 VOIP Issues, Private Servers on Consoles, and FXAA Use “Under Discussion” News 24

News 24 Daniel Matros and Tomas Danko of the DICE team provide updates regarding PS3 VOIP issues, GUI and squad tweaks, private servers on console and FXAA use. The VOIP issue has obviously been a huge gripe that many fans have with the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. It has hindered the experience for many by not […]

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