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BF3 Armored Kill Will Have The “Best Vehicle Experience,” Where’s The Tutorial Mode? News 91

News 91 By now, many of you know that Armored Kill, Battlefield 3’s third DLC entry after the upcoming Close Quarters and the previously released Back to Karkand, is said to boast the largest map in Battlefield 3 history. Exactly how big might this map be, you ask? “I actually don’t know the kilometer size of it, but […]

Top Xbox 360 Games on Live for the Week of March 5th News 26

News 26 Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the top 20 games played on Xbox Live for the week of March 5. The activity is measured by uniques users, not hours played. As long as the console is hooked to the net, whatever you’re playing (single-player or multiplayer) counts. Here’s the list: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 […]

MW3 Collection 1 Gets Launch Trailer, Hits Xbox Live March 20th News 0

News 0 Activision has released the launch trailer for Modern Warfare 3 first DLC pack. The DLC pack is called Collection 1, and packs in four multiplayer maps, Piazza, Liberation, Overwatch, and Black Box along with two Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator. Collection 1 is set to release on Xbox Live on March 20th, and […]

Blizzard Announces Diablo III Release Date News 5

News 5 Alas, the dark cloudy smoke of burning, hellish wastelands gives way to the heavenly light as Blizzard ascends unto the plane of man to reveal a release date of the highly anticipated sequel to 2000’s Diablo II. 12 years later, Diablo III will hit shelves this May 15th. It’s hard to believe that so long […]

[UPDATED] BF3 Close Quarters has Rush and Conquest, New Weapons to be Playable in Vanilla, No 64 Players, and More News 59

News 59 Update: Close Quarters will feature a new game mode called Conquest Domination; however, Rush might not be a part of the expansion pack. Learn more here. Original Story: Battlefield 3’s Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, talks Close Quarters, and touches on the perceived rivalry between FPS juggernauts, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Since the announcement of Close […]

Mass Effect 3 DLC Rumor – Leaked Image Suggests New Classes Inbound News 4

News 4 Fans of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer may be in for a bit of a treat in the near future. A recent image (below) was posted on Facebook revealing 6 new classes, including 2 new races, that look to be part of a purchasable item pack in the ME3 multiplayer store. The poster claims to have […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Comments on Lack of DLC and Why DICE Avoids Platform Favoritism News 88

News 88 DICE developer Alan Kertz sheds some light on some of the processes behind updating a game like Battlefield 3, including the reasons for the lengthy period without any word of DLC. In response to a recent Joystiq article, Kertz clarified via Reddit that “the big reason that ‘[DLC is] taking so long’ is that we pushed hard […]

New Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Maps Revealed, Signature Edition Trailer News 12

News 12 A few weeks back, Ubisoft revealed the first two multiplayer maps to be included in the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Nigeria and Zambia, which you can check out right here. Over the last week, brand new panoramic images of maps Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Pakistan, Barrents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Russia (4 variants), and Siberia, have been […]

Modern Warfare 3 Matchmaking Problems in “Remote Areas” to be Addressed Soon News 13

News 13 Yesterday, Modern Warfare 3 received patch 1.10 on Xbox 360. It is still unknown what the patch changed in term of fixes, but at least one problem cropped up again. After the release of Modern Warfare 3, players in smaller countries experienced matchmaking problems. Those issues were ironed out by the end of last year. Unfortunately, since patch 1.10 was released, […]

MW3 Black Box and Spec Ops Missions to Release “On or Around” April 12th for PS3 Elite News 18

News 18 Update:  Activision’s Dan Amrich on his Twitter feed stated that the dates below are not confirmed. Paid Elite subscribers on PS3 can expect the new map, Black Box, along with Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator on or around April 12th. In the latest episode of Roll Call, while Jay Frechette, Call of Duty […]

Mech Warrior Online GDC Gameplay Trailer News 2

News 2 Are you ready for total Mech warfare? Developers Piranha Games have released a brand new gameplay trailer that was showcased during this year’s GDC. Features include lasers, missile launchers, rock and roll, and some CryEngine 3 goodness. Check out the trailer below and leave your thoughts in the comment section! Remember to reserve your pilot […]

Seven New Weapons Spotted in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters News 128

News 128 Seven brand new weapons have been revealed in the debut trailer for Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, the first of three expansion packs coming to Battlefield 3 throughout the year. During the trailer, if you pay close attention to the kill feed in the top right corner, you can notice seven of the ten new weapons that will […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Submitted for Certification – Still No ETA, “Hopefully” This Month News 64

News 64 Battlefield 3 Global community Manager, Daniel Matros, has updated fans on the status of the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. Daniel Matros has taken to Twitter revealing that the next Battlefield 3 patch is in its final stages. For console players, Matros confirmed that the patch is currently going through the certification process by Sony and Microsoft. He […]

Modern Warfare 3 Elite Drops 4, 5, and 6 Now Available on Xbox 360 News 5

News 5 Modern Warfare 3 DLC drops, Black Ice, Black Box, and Negotiator, are now available to download on Xbox Live for Call of Duty Elite premium members. The three brand new pieces of DLC, which include two spec ops’ missions and one new map (Black Box),  are live on the 360, and will set you back 222.93MB in memory. […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Will Include Multiple Tier 1 Factions, Producer Likens to FIFA News 30

News 30 “It’s that sense of national pride,” that developers Danger Close are looking for when it comes to their highly anticipated new shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In a recent episode of G4TV’s X-Play, Executive Producer Greg Goodrich likens their upcoming FPS to EA’s FIFA franchise. “We want to allow gamers to have that sense of […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters “Ziba Tower” Gameplay Trailer News 58

News 58 It’s time to get our first look at the brand new, upcoming DLC from DICE, Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. This trailer takes place on the map “Ziba Tower” and, as you can see, is very close quarters. It’s this tight, infantry-based gameplay that DICE will be focusing on delivering for this particular DLC. Players can […]

New Halo 4 Details: No Beta Planned, Return of the Battle Rifle, Clarification of “Perks” and Much More News 13

News 13 Many new details regarding Halo 4 have begun to surface ever since the recent first look, including footage of the highly anticipated multiplayer. So, what can we expect from Halo 4? First, something we cannot expect from Halo 4 is a beta. According to Halo Waypoint, 343 Industries has stated, “while we are testing Halo 4 […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Update Fixes Weapon Animation Bug News 27

News 27 Battlefield 3 servers should be back up and running across all platforms after a period of stability maintenance yesterday. On top of this, it seems that some bug fixing for PS3 users was also in the works. DICE has stated on the Official Battlefield Blog that “Starting tomorrow (March 13th), you can re-download a new, […]

Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Achievement List News 9

News 9 Thanks to X360A, now we know what the first Modern Warfare 3 DLC pack, dubbed Collection 1, will bring to the table in terms of achievements. Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 will release on March 20th for all MW3 players on Xbox 360, and will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). Tomorrow, when paid Elite members receive the last […]

DICE Wants “to Build Game Changing Experiences, Not Just Pretty Visuals,” Frostbite 2 for Next-Gen Consoles Discussion News 57

News 57 DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson talks about the specs needed to be in the generation of consoles in order for the studio’s engine, Frostbite 2, to emulate the visual marvels it can accomplish on high end PCs. “There’s two things: memory and processing power,” Andersson stated in an interview with Joystiq. He went on to stress the importance of processing […]

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