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MW3 DLC Drop ‘Overwatch’ Releases for PS3 in March News 9

News 9 Earlier this week, the third Elite drop for Modern Warfare 3, Overwatch, was released on Xbox 360. On February 28th, PS3 users should get patch 1.09 and the first two drops, Pizza and Liberation, but what about Overwatch? Overwatch is, as expected, going to be released in March. In the latest episode of Roll Call, […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Details – DICE Developer Addresses Shotgun and Comrose 2.0 Concerns News 56

News 56 With the recent tentative weapon tweak list making it’s way around the Battlefield community, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is receiving buckets of feedback to to sift through and take into consideration. Recently, the community has questioned some changes made to shotguns. Kertz provides his thoughts and also comments on the recent tentative patch notes, […]

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play Next week News 19

News 19 Starting next week, February 28th, Sony will be offering the highly acclaimed PS3 exclusive Killzone 3 for absolutely free. Sony has confirmed in a recent PlayStation Blogcast, that Killzone 3 will be available for free to all Playstation Network users. Details are: the game will be upon PSN next week and will only feature the multiplayer component. Every […]

Twisted Metal – Patch No. 2 Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Network Issues News 5

News 5 David Jaffe discusses the upcoming patch, balancing, and other issues with Twisted Metal. Sometime, possibly tomorrow if Sony give is the okay, Eat, Sleep, Play will be deploying patch no. 2 for Twisted Metal online. This patch is meant to address all the current online connectivity issues that players have been experiencing since Twisted Metal […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed – DICE Will Not Develop Multiplayer News 23

News 23 A follow up to 2010’s Medal of Honor has been speculated for quite some time now. After all, COO, Peter Moore, did boast a strong line-up of military shooters being published by EA in the next couple of years. With Battlefield 3 now out the door, EA can begin focusing other shooters that they have loaded in […]

[Updated] Incoming Modern Warfare 3 Changes – Another Nerf to FMGs, Hardcore HQ, and More News 25

News 25 Update #2: The changes listed below are going live tonight. Bowling announced, “making some MW3 tweaks tonight (2AM). Nerf Akimbo Machine Pistols (including FMG9s) w/ reduce rate of fire. Adding Hardcore HQ and FFA.” Update #1: Bowling explained, “There will be more Hardcore playlists coming in the next playlist update. Hardcore FFA and Hardcore HQ (dedicated playlist),” […]

A Win for #BF3Blackout – DICE Releases Tentative Patch Notes and Announces Weekly Blog News 32

News 32 It was only last night that the Battlefield community initiated the Battlefield 3 Blackout movement and already, we have seen some promising results. The Battlefield 3 Blackout – an un precedented event that would take place on March the 2nd if EA was unable to improve communication between the developers of Battlefield 3, Digital Illusions […]

List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch News 117

News 117 Global Battlefield Community Manager, Daniel Matros, shared on the Battlelog some of the fixes that the team at DICE has been working on for the next big patch. “Big” is an understatement as you’ll find below a massive list of confirmed patch notes. Daniel Matros, aka zh1nt0, posted a lengthy list of all the fixes that should […]

[Updated] List of Tentative Weapon Tweaks Planned for Next Battlefield 3 Patch – 2nd Edition News 25

News 25 Update 3: Read here for a list of tentative weapon attachment accuracy plots planned for the next battlefield 3 patch. Update 2: Added further details for various weapon attachments. Update 1: DICE has recently released a Full List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch, so make sure to check that out to […]

Battlefield 3 Community Initiates #BF3Blackout Movement News 45

News 45 Communication is key to building a strong community, especially when millions of players are involved. Battlefield/Digital Illusions CE has one of the most dedicated following in the FPS genre – rightly earned thanks to their support for those who love playing their games. Battlefield 3, one of DICE’s/EA’s most important launches ever, has been out […]

Free Call of Duty Elite Theme Exclusive to PS3 Releases on Feb 28 News 34

News 34 Along with Elite’s two map drops and  patch 1.09, which adds 5 new prestige levels and in-game support for Clan Operations, PS3 users can expect a free Elite theme released exclusively on the platform. Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 with paid Elite subscription have been waiting for the first two Elite drops for a quite a […]

Treyarch Looking for a Designer to Take Levels “from Design to Completion” News 9

News 9 Treyarch posted a job listing on the studio’s website looking for a Level Builder/Designer, preferably with Call of Duty modding experience. Earlier this month, Activision confirmed that there will be a new Call of Duty releasing this year. While 2012’s CoD has yet to be subtitled, several reports, retail leak and domain registration, point to the name Black Ops 2, which Treyarch […]

MW3 – Bowling Wants to Give You Classic Maps for Free, “Keep it Outside the DLC Model” News 31

News 31 Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, comments on the design philosophy of the recently released content drop, Overwatch, and gives fans a glimpse into what direction the team is headed in when it comes to future MW3 DLC. It’s safe to say many will love what Bowling has to say on the subject of free […]

Borderlands 2 Coming This September, Awesome Trailer Released News 5

News 5 Gearbox Software has announced the release date of Borderlands 2 with an awesome “wub wub” trailer. 4 player co-op: check 96.5 more wub wub: check 870 gazillion more guns: check 1000 degrees hotter: check Check out the trailer below. Borderlands 2 is set to release in North America on September 18th and internationally on September 21st for […]

Ubisoft Creative Director Explains Gap Between Latest Ghost Recon Titles News 4

News 4 Ghost Recon Future Soldier‘s Creative Director, Jean-Marc Geffroy, answers a question on many Ghost Recon fans’ mind; “Why so long since Ubisoft’s last Ghost Recon game: Advanced Warfighter 2“, and talks about the setting in which GRFS takes place. “When we wanted to renew the brand, we needed to iterate. We made some iterations that […]

Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.09 Live on Xbox 360, Next Week on PS3 – Patch Notes News 12

News 12 Earlier today, a new Elite content drop was released for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360, but shortly after, patch 1.09 went live on the platform adding new five prestige levels and the ability to view players’ Clan Rank in-game. When you fire up Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360, you’ll be greeted with a 5MB patch. This […]

CS:GO Beta “Will Keep Growing”, Fake Scam Sites Arise, Servers Mixed Up Weekly News 12

News 12 The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta is currently underway and being enjoyed by a number of active community members. If you’ve missed out on the details, find out how to get your key here. As for additional details, the team behind CS:GO recently answered some questions from the community which gives some insight as to what […]

Specs Ops: The Line Gets a Release Date, Multiplayer Pre-order Bonus Trailer News 5

News 5 2K Games announced today the release date for Spec Ops: The Line, and revealed the multiplayer pre-order bonuses. Spec Ops: The Line is a third person shooter being developed by Yager Development, and is set in a “sandstorm-ravaged Dubai.” Spec Ops: The Line will be released on June 29 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. In terms […]

[Update #2] Modern Warfare 3 New Elite Map Drop Now Live on Xbox 360 News 22

News 22 Update #2: PS3 users will receive the 5 new prestige levels in the next patch on Feb 28th Update #1: Robert Bowling announced that along with Overwatch, “5 new prestige levels for all players”  were added to Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360. The patch size is 5MB. After receiving two maps in January, Piazza and Liberation, Modern Warfare 3 has received its […]

Starhawk – Welcome to the Beta, New Map Coming in Patch 1.3, and More News 7

News 7 LightBox Interactive is readying up Starhawk for a full open beta later today, some new information regarding patch 1.3, a new vehicle, and much more. Later today, everyone with access to the PSN will be able to download the official Starhawk beta off the PlayStation Store. Previously, the beta was only open to those who had […]

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