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Modern Warfare 3: Spawn Improvements Incoming and Community Playlists Details News 14

News 14 Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, touches on spawn logic, and several issues regarding the community playlists. Even with all the spawn logic fixes already implemented in Modern Warfare 3, there’s room for improvement. Robert Bowling has stated that we can expect more work on the spawn logic. Bowling explained, “I have no details, but we are looking at what […]

Twisted Metal University: Weapons Training News 0

News 0 Sony and Eat, Sleep, Play have released a brand new Twisted Metal video teaching you all about the weapons and how to use them effectively. Twisted Metal is set to release on February 14th on the PS3. Be sure to check out the latest Twisted Metal news.

Twisted Metal – Tuning Missiles and Demo Expired News 5

News 5 As in any online multiplayer game, players will complain about weapons and vehicles being “over powered”. It’s very common for developers to go back and release patches that would make these weapons weaker or dumbed down. Jaffe has commented on these issues, such as the missiles, stating that the team will not be dumbing down […]

Battlefield 3: Aftershock Now Available for Free on the App Store News 8

News 8 Now available on the App Store is EA’s iOS version of their recent blockbuster release, titled Battlefield 3: Aftershock. Luckily, this pocket-sized multiplayer game can be yours for the price of nothing. Thanks to a sponsorship with the upcoming movie, Act of Valor, Aftershock is free of charge. The app is universal; it’s compatible with iPhone (3GS […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Admits “Lots of Things Need Improvement” News 102

News 102 Community Manager, Daniel Matros, assures the Battlefield community that DICE is listening and suggests communication improvements between developers and players. Over the past month or so, Battlefield 3 community managers have been under slight criticism for an apparent lack of attention towards the BF3 community and for DICE’s overall lack of updates. But to give […]

Twisted Metal Demo Extended Until February 13th News 9

News 9 David Jaffe has revealed that Twisted Metal’s demo, which was supposed to come to an end today, has been extended to last until February 13th. Recently, we reported on the possibility of leaving the demo servers a bit longer to make up for the matchmaking problems that the game has suffered. Now, David Jaffe confirms, via Twitter, that he “just got […]

Modern Warfare 3 Elite: Two Spec Ops Missions and New Map in March News 5

News 5 Activision has revealed Modern Warfare 3’s content drops for 360 Elite paid members set to release in March. The two new missions are Black Ice and Negotiator. The new map is called Black Box, which used to be called Morningwood. Only two pieces of content were going to be released in March, but Raven Software opted […]

Modern Warfare 3 New Map “Overwatch” Releases on Feb 21st for Xbox 360 Elite News 13

News 13 Modern Warfare 3’s Robert Bowling has shared a screenshot of the second Elite DLC drop. The second Elite drop is set to release on the 21st of this month for paid Elite members on the 360. So far, three out of the four leaked maps have been confirmed.Only ‘morningwood’ is still not officially confirmed, but we […]

Twisted Metal will be Supported Post Launch – David Jaffe News 0

News 0 Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe clarifies that Eat Sleep Play is committed to supporting the game post launch. With recent news that Eat Sleep Play laid off eight employees, some jumped to the conculsion that Twisted Metal won’t be adequately supported. Game Director, David Jaffe, has reassured fans, via Twitter, that the team behind Twisted Metal is “supporting […]

Respawn Entertainment to Release Sci-Fi Shooter in 2013, Medal Of Honor Announcement March 6th News 14

News 14 New information regarding two of EA’s hottest shooters have begun to surface. It looks like fans anxiously awaiting for Respawn Entertainment’s debut project won’t have to wait as long as originally thought. Also hinted to be announced soon is EA’s follow up to 2010’s Medal of Honor. Respawn Entertainment, a studio formed by Ex-Infinity Ward […]

[Updated] Modern Warfare 3: Drop Zone Could Make a Return News 23

News 23 Robert Bowling has just tweeted that “Drop Zone is returning to MW3 Community Playlists alongside Infected tonight!” The addition of “Infected” gamemode to Modern Warfare 3 knocked off Drop Zone from the community playlists angering fans in the process. Earlier today, Activision’s Dan Amrich asked upset fans, via Twitter, to either play Drop Zone in private matches, or politely voice their concerns […]

“A Mystery Shooter Sequel” to be Revealed Next Month, Black [Ops] 2, Medal of Honor 2, or What? News 15

News 15 UK based PlayStation magazine, PSM3, has teased an image of the magazine’s March issue. PSM3 will reveal a “mystery shooter sequel” on March 6th. Let’s rundown the possible shooters that could receive a squeal this year, Black Ops 2: Considering Activision’s MO of debuting Call of Duty titles in May, it is highly unlikely that our mystery shooter is Black Ops 2. Medal […]

Incoming Black Ops Double XP Weekend and 24/7 Playlist News 18

News 18 Treyarch hasn’t yet forgotten about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Fans are still craving those double XP weekends and 24/7 map playlists. Luckily, Treyarch is here to deliver. Starting this Friday, February 10th at 10am PST until the same time Monday, February 12th, Black Ops players will be treated to another double XP weekend and […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE Still Working on PS3 Input Lag, New Patch Details News 73

News 73 Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 woke up to a nice little update this morning which should have addressed some of the VoIP issues that have been interfering with online communication since launch. But what about the PS3’s input lag? And, where is the “big” patch for all platforms that is meant to go live […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch 1.03 Now Live, VoIP Issues Fixed News 42

News 42 DICE has released patch 1.03 for Battlefield 3 on the PS3 to address the VoIP issues. As DICE promised last month, the studio found and fixed the voice chat problems on the PS3 that have plagued the game since its launch. The patch is still being rolled out, so don’t worry if you haven’t received it yet. The patch […]

Twisted Metal – New Details on Custom Vehicle Skins with Images News 1

News 1 David Jaffe has released some brand new Twisted Metal images showcasing various custom multiplayer skins. Last week, David confirmed that Twisted Metal would support full user generated multiplayer skins. Though not much was detailed, David Jaffe has stated that any painting or art program can be used to create your own skins. From here you can […]

Twisted Metal – Demo Status, Nuke Mode Talon Issue Resolved In Retail Game News 4

News 4 David Jaffe discusses the current status of the Twisted Metal’s demo along with addressing concerns over Talons. David Jaffe has stated on Twitter that the matchmaking issues in the demo are still being worked on, and that the team has been working hard all weekend. Though, it has gotten much better, the team strives to make […]

What Battlefield 3 Might Look Like During Winter News 21

News 21 With Battlefield 3 DLC rumors being all the rage these days, one redditor took it upon himself to bring these whisperings at least one small step closer towards fruition. If you haven’t yet heard, the hippest rumor circling the net recently is that DICE is secretly toiling away at creating an all American map pack […]

Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Mortars “Fixed”, M-COM Ribbons Tweaked and More News 82

News 82 Battlefield 3 players on the PS3 will be seeing a patch on February 6th, tomorrow, which will address the VoIP problems. But what else will the upcoming patches include for other platforms? On top of the recent announcement of the USAS-12 shotgun fix, other patch details have begun to surface. Mortars in have always been a […]

Twisted Metal Will Support User Generated Skins News 3

News 3 David Jaffe has confirmed that the upcoming Twisted Metal game will support customizable paint skins and details how it works. Starting sometime next week (before the game launches), Twisted Metal fans will be able to visit the official website and start uploading personally customized skins. Jaffe stated that these skins will be available in the game […]

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