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Paladins Cinematic Provides More Backstory, Explores the Divided Realm News 0

News 0 Hi-Rez Studios has released a new trailer for Paladins, which explores the game’s lore. Entitled “A Divided Realm,” the 3-minute video offers backstory on characters and their conflict. With how popular this free-to-play title is set to become, what with the World Championships event now under way, and Paladins: Battlegrounds bringing a battle royale mode to the game, […]

5 Games That Will Most Likely Be Delayed This 2018 News 6

News 6 With 2018 now in full swing, that means yet another year of new blockbuster games soon to delight, shock, and even disappoint us. While there’s already a good list of games scheduled to be released this year, we think there’s a few games confirmed for 2018 that won’t make it out this year at all. […]

One Hour of Paladins: Battlegrounds Gameplay Provides a Fantastic Overview of the New Mode News 0

News 0 Paladins: Battlegrounds is yet another battle royale title entering the fight for video game world domination. If you aren’t adding an “every man for himself, while a giant circle shrinks and consumes you” mode to your game, then you’re just doing it wrong! For those interested in Hi-Rez Studio’s take on the trending game type, you’ll […]

Here’s the Top 10 Video Game Prequels, According to Matacorpse News 0

News 0 Pixel Enemy content producer Matacorpse has completed the arduous task of rounding up what he believes are the very best video game prequels. Give the “play” button a click and have a watch! Prequels really can make or break a franchise and a lot of the time they don’t do well financially, some even consider […]

Survival Game SCUM Uses Incredibly Realistic Wetness & Drying Systems News 0

News 0 SCUM is set to enter Steam Early Access during the first few months of this year. This title has several key features which set it apart from other survival games out there. One of these features is the wetness and drying system, which sounds pretty boring, but is actually incredibly impressive. Take a look at the […]

Injustice 2 Enchantress Gameplay Reveal Trailer Shows Off Her Abilities News 0

News 0 It’s a new month and for Injustice 2 players, this means one thing: a brand new DLC character is on the way very shortly.The latest character drop is my most personally wanted post-launch character making her way onto the game. This, of course is none other than the Enchantress who was originally revealed back last […]

Dragon Ball FighterZ SSB Vegeta Gameplay Trailer Revealed and It Hits Hard News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it’s all about the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. While Vegeta was one of the original announced characters for the game, this trailer focuses on his Super Saiyan Blue form. You can check out the fast paced Dragon Ball FighterZ SSB Vegeta video below: From […]

PlusDive January 2018 – A Review of This Month’s PS Plus Titles News 0

News 0 Pixel Enemy content producer Tesseract Unfolded takes a deep dive into this month’s PlayStation Plus titles. This includes gameplay of all games, as well as an explanation of what makes each title special. Give the “play” button a click and have a watch! A good haul to kick off the new year! If you haven’t […]

PUBG Has a Big Problem, As This PUBG vs Fortnite vs H1Z1 Netcode Analysis Shows News 0

News 0 Ever wondered why PUBG seems to stutter during the initial phase of the game? Or why that stutter reappears at seemingly random points during the match? Well, Battle(Non)Sense’s netcode analysis video may be of interest to you. Battle(Non)Sense took at look at PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, and H1Z1 to compare and contrast their netcode. Despite being the hit sensation that […]

Monster Hunter: World Final Beta Revealed, New Trailer Highlights Elder Dragons & More DLC Details News 0

News 0 Capcom is opening up Monster Hunter: World for one final beta phase. All PS4 owners are invited to try the game from January 18, through to January 22. The game will then launch on January 26, for both PS4 and Xbox One. The beta will feature new content, so experienced players have a reason to return. In […]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Montage Prepares Us for a Potential Bad Company 3 News 1

News 1 Here’s another highlight from Pixel Enemy‘s community submissions, the place where gamers can put forward their best content and share it with a large audience. As MP1st is a site about multiplayer, we’ve decided to feature some noteworthy content submissions. Today’s video is by 80s iBarney, who’s put together a collection of awesome Battlefield: Bad Company 2 clips. […]

Footage of Cancelled “Modernized” Star Wars X-Wing Game Emerges News 0

News 0 I think I speak for the majority when I say that Star Wars Battlefront II‘s space combat is one of the game’s better features. EA’s support of Criterion Games was clearly justified, as the developer really nailed it. However, with Double Damage now revealing its own Star Wars space battle project, which was pitched to EA in 2016, we’ve […]

2017 PlayStation Highlights Showcased in Official Video News 0

News 0 Whatever the platform of choice, it’s been a huge year for gamers. PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch all boast must-play experiences, and have made 2017 a fantastic year for gamers. Sony is celebrating its successful year with a new sizzle reel. Lasting just over two minutes, the new video showcases all of the […]

Dead Dozen Gameplay Offers a Taste Of “Die as a Human, Rise as a Ghoul” Shooter Goodness News 0

News 0 Developer Fntastic has released pre-alpha Dead Dozen gameplay, which shows how the “Die as a Human, Rise as a Ghoul” gameplay mechanic works. DEAD DOZEN is a Multiplayer Action Horror Game where you turn into a ghoul after your death as a human. Loot, barricade and cooperate when you play as a Survivor or infiltrate, infect and […]

Watch the Dragon Ball FighterZ Opening Movie Right Here News 0

News 0 With Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ looking fantastic and just like the anime, some might be wondering what the opening cinematics would look like, and whether it’ll be as awesome as an episode of Dragon Ball Z. Well, I’m happy to report that it is! Of course, there is a certain “game-ness” feel to […]

World of Tanks Future Updates to “1.0” Promised to Be a “Game-Changer,” Check Out the Trailer News 1

News 1 If you play World of Tanks, then 2018 will be a big year for you. Wargaming has announced that the free-to-play game’s big World of Tanks 1.0 update will be dropping on March 2018. The game update will give World of Tanks a complete visual makeover, powered by an in-house game engine. There will be […]

Monster Hunter World Beta Weapons and Mechanics Tip News 0

News 0 With Capcom rolling out a second phase for the Monster Hunter World beta (it’s now open to everyone!), newcomers might be wondering how to play the game, and its combat system. If so, we have just the thing! YouTuber Ace Gaming published a 56-minute video detailing the Monster Hunter World weapons available in the beta, […]

Battlefield Easter Egg Compilation Showcases Recurring Series Secrets News 0

News 0 Battlefield is not only renowned for its epic-scale online multiplayer battles, or intense (and sometimes hilarious) story campaigns. EA’s shooter franchise is also famous for its Easter eggs, with each game chock-full of secrets for players to discover. Many of the Easter eggs found in Battlefield titles pop up in more than one game, and are a recurring […]

Xbox Games With Gold January 2018 Includes Van Helsing, ZOMBI & More News 0

News 0 The upcoming Xbox Games With Gold January 2018 titles have been revealed. Four games are coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers: two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360. What’s good, is that both Xbox 360 titles are playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Xbox One On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members […]

Battlefield 1 CTE Client Now Has Turning Tides Heligoland Bight Map Available News 0

News 0 Have access to Battlefield 1’s CTE client and are patiently awaiting for the final map of the Turning Tides DLC to be available? If so, the wait is finally over. Starting today, those who have access to CTE client for Battlefield 1 on PC can start play testing the Heligoland Bight map ahead of its January […]

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