5 Best Selling Sports-Themed Video Games You Have to Try

About 40.7% of men and 31.7% of women participate in some form of sports every week. From football, rugby, golf, cricket, motor sport, tennis to water sports, many people play or follow these top sports. Video game developers now capitalize on this sporting passion through sports-themed video games. 

If you’re a sports fan who also loves video games, this post explores some of the most popular sport-based video games you have to try.

  • Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour

If you love golf, you most likely watched in awe as Tiger Woods rose through the PGA ranking. It was only a matter of time before the sports prodigy reached the top and become one of the most recognizable sports personalities.

 Since the early 90s, the PGA game series had featured other big-time golfers and in 1999, Tiger Woods finally got the honor of having a game in his name. While the PGA series hasn’t released a game since 2015, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour remains a keepsake for golf lovers. 

  • FIFA

If there’s one sporting video game that is popular across the world, it has to be the FIFA Series by EA Sports. The franchise keeps growing since it was first launched in late 1993. To date, the FIFA series has sold over 325 million copies to make it one of the most successful sports video game. 

The series has continued to grow with innovative features added in every series and influential players added to make the game more entertaining. The game series is also in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling sports-video game franchise. 

  • Fight Night 

If you love boxing and video games, you have most likely tried Fight Night. The game series created by EA Sports have become the hottest video game, especially with the success of Fight Night Round 4 on PS3. The games series has topped the sales charts with the latest Fight Night Champion, creating a buzz across the world.

  • WWE 2K

Another boxing video game that is released every year is WWE 2K. The professional wrestling sports simulation video game by 2K changed its name from WWE series and continues to win fans across the world. 

Since 2000, 2K has given gamers and boxing enthusiasts something new to look forward to every year. Each game seeks to emulate professional wrestling, and this is one reason for its popularity. If you love wrestling, you will love WWE 2K with its realistic match types, storylines and professional wrestlers.

  • Football Manager

One of the most fascinating things about professional football is the influence managers have. In the top leagues across Europe, Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand, managers have become more influential and are highly sought after. It is against this backdrop that Football Manager, the video game, has grown so much in popularity.

British developer Sports Interactive came up with this football management simulation video games back in 1992, then known as Champion Manager. The game has metamorphosed into Football Manager since 2005. The release of Xbox 360 version of Football Manager 2006 was a game changer and introduced millions of Xbox players to the game. The latest release is Football Manager 2021

Wrapping Up

If you love sports and video games, why not blend your two hobbies into one with these sports-themed video games? With advances in technology, video games have become more realistic than ever before. The features are also more innovative and there are many ways to enjoy the game, including solo and multi-player options. 

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