5 Social Video Games You Can Play in 2020

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If you prefer a gaming experience that is less solitary and more social, there are plenty of online and console video games that will allow you to connect with people from all over the world. Whether you’re looking to work together with a teammate or connect with someone via a live stream, here are the top five social games for those who might be craving a little bit of social contact. 

1. Call of Duty: Warzone

Why just play against one person when you can play against 150? The CoD franchise’s first freeplay installment allows console and PC players from anywhere in the world to join free-for-all deathmatches in massive arenas. The results are often total chaos, and it can take a little while to learn how to survive the first two minutes of gameplay, but it’s a truly hilarious multiplayer that allows for plenty of opportunities to interact with your fellow soldiers. 

2. Don’t Starve Together

This multiplayer strategy game has one simple goal; work together to survive. You can play with friends or with strangers, with your objectives being to stay warm, gather food, build shelter, and all of the rest within an eerie forest setting. When you’re not trying to start a fire together, there are plenty of opportunities to have a chat and get to know each other a little better. This is one game that will teach you the importance of collaboration.

3. Mr. Green Live 

If scouting out the nearest casino resort seems like too much of a hassle, modern gaming technology means you don’t have to leave your living room to experience a night in Las Vegas. Mr. Green, one of the biggest online casino game platforms in the world, offers live stream versions of blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat, where you can play against a real-life dealer via a live video link. Players can interact with dealers in the same way that they would at a land-based casino, making this a uniquely social game that relies on more than just an audio feed. 

4. Apex Legends

This online combat game is much more lighthearted than CoD and is heavily focused on teamwork. Since your goal is to be the last squad standing, you will need to interact heavily with your teammates in order to come up with a winning strategy. It’s also a hilarious gaming experience, jam-packed with jokes, tricks, and stupid puns that you and your friends can all hate together. This is best played with people you know, but it still works as a way to connect with new people. 

5. Jackbox  

If you’re sat home alone with a few beers on a Friday night and want to have a virtual party experience that goes beyond Netflix Party, this is the ideal game for you. Jackbox comes with a number of virtual group party games that can be played in large groups via PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Switch, Xbox, and PS4. Games include having to design the worst t-shirts with most hilarious slogans and a unique version of two truths and a lie. 

These five games will make even the loneliest person feel socially fulfilled. Get playing now if you’re looking for a more collaborative and enriching gaming experience.

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