7 Ways You Can Make Money From CSGO in 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive looks like a regular shooter. You pick a gun, run around and shooter your enemies indiscriminately. But it’s far from being your average action game—it’s a cultural treasure to the eSports community.

The game pits players into two: terrorists versus counter terrorists. The former group fights to plant a bomb or hold hostages. The latter team plays to defuse bombs or free hostages. Oh, yeah—you’re also allowed to kill your opponents.

Although it’s insanely exciting to play CSGO, nothing beats playing your favorite video game and also making money from it. Here’s how you can do both.

#1: Live Stream on Twitch

If you’re like many gamers, you spend a few hours on Twitch every day or week. If you don’t, joining the Amazon-owned streaming network is simple. You create an account through your email address and choose whether to watch or play games.

You can alternate between the two options. So, you could spend a few hours watching famous streamers before you become one of them. Speaking of which, there a few things needed to run a successful Twitch channel:

  • Live Stream software
  • Microphone and Camera
  • A Gaming computer

These are the basic requirements. Professional streamers invest in a lot more tools, from a personal website to chat apps for your fans. That said, setting up a channel is the easy part. The challenge: attracting a regular audience.

It can be done—being the next Ninja or Shroud. But it could take months or years of regular live streams. It helps to have a unique personality: funny, conversational, beautiful or quotable.

#2:  Bet on CSGO

Betting on eSports started roughly five years ago. Fast forward to 2020 and nearly every sportsbook supports CSGO and other many more eSports betting markets. The explanation is simple. Betting on CSGO is no different to wagering on football or basketball.

Before two CSGO teams meet, you can back one of them to win. Or you could predict how long it will take for the terrorists to set or the counter-terrorists to diffuse a bomb. Another bet type is picking a tournament winner, say the ESL One Championships in Rio or the Blast Premier.

Importantly, take time to gain betting skills before you get into eSports betting. Sure, you’ll be wagering on a video game you play and like. But you’ll also be battling your emotions, hunting for good odds and also managing your money.

#3: Publish Engaging Content on YouTube

CSGO has over 20 million fans worldwide. All these people flock to YouTube, Facebook and blogs daily to find inspirational, educational or entertaining content about the game. That’s where you come in—provide engaging content to CSGO fans and they could make you rich.

To expound more, you can provide walkthroughs. These are similar to tutorials through which you help players circumnavigate the challenging parts of CSGO. For example, you can provide guides on how to use new maps, unlocking weapons or how to diffuse bombs.

Alternatively, you could become a CSGO commentator like PewdiePie. Then you can analyze players’ skills, and express your thoughts on various new games, eSports teams and developments in the industry.

#4: Join a Professional CSGO Team

If you’re confident in your CSGO skills, consider joining a professional team. CSGO tournaments attract prize pools worth up to $80 million per year, ranking the game just behind Dota 2 and Fortnite.

 It has more professional players, though, so you must be pretty competitive to earn good money. How do you score an eSports team? Network with players through online chat rooms and play video games regularly—franchises advertise for new positions often.

Logically, the best place to start your pro-gamer career is the Internet. That means look out for CSGO tournaments and participate. If you win regularly, audition with big franchises. You’ll get guaranteed money and a share of prize pools.

#5: Trade CSGO Skins

CSGO is the best video game for skin trading. That’s because it has a huge market and has lots of valuable skins. There are several ways of acquiring valuable skins. You can play the game often and accumulate cosmetics over time. 

Alternatively, you buy valuable CSGO skins for cheap and sell them at a profit. Some people trade virtual skins professionally and make up to $12,000 per day. Steam offers an easy option to trade your virtual weapons.

But it doesn’t let you withdraw money in your account. You can only use it to buy video games or skins. To make money you can cash out, you need third-party skins trading websites. Some of them provide an advertising platform. Others purchase your skins directly.

#6:  Become a Video Game Journalist

From ESPN and ABC Sports to YouTube and blogs, there are plenty of career opportunities for journalist gamers. Depending on where you make an application, a journalism degree might be necessary. 

However, you don’t need college education to start a news site. All you need is a platform to disseminate information. Of course, you must look for the news often, online and during land-based events.

With journalism jobs, you might never need to play CSGO. But you’ll interact with pro-gamers often, interview experts and even rub shoulders with the developers.

#7 Become a CSGO Tutor

You might have zero interest to become a pro-gamer. But it could be someone else’s goal and you could help them achieve it through your skills. CSGO tutors charge per hour, from $20 to $80 for one-on-one interactions.

Importantly, you must be a good player. People need to watch you play before they pay you to be their tutors. As a result, you might have to start at the YouTube level. After a few months of show casing your skills, you can then announce your tutoring services.

Marketing your services on social media can catapult you into success quicker. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch are where many players spend most of their time. Join these platforms and grow an audience in each of them.