A Guide to Making GTA$ in GTA Online’s Den

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Grand Theft Auto took the gaming world by storm on the release of its first 3D version in 2001. Over the last two decades, the game has sold more than 280 million copies and grossed around $9 billion US dollars in revenue. 

GTA is best described as an action adventure game, players play characters that are trying to move up the ranks in the dangerous criminal underworld. They must complete missions and activities that involve carjacking, first or third person shooting, stealth missions and racing. GTA hasn’t been without its controversy, some campaigners believe that the violent nature of the game will incite criminal activity. However, this hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the world’s most famous gaming series of all time.

The game is set in the fictional cities Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas. Impressive 3D graphics and attention to detail has helped to make GTA a success. Outside of missions, players can even visit barbers, shops, bars and when playing online they can dabble in the casino. The online casino finally opened in July 2019, after having been teasing fans with an ‘Opening Soon’ sign for quite a while. 

The Diamond Casino and Resort is a vibrant venue where players can play real games with virtual money. It also has a range of other exciting features for players and options for VIP membership. 

Here’s everything you need to know before you and your character venture into The Diamond:

What games can I play?

There are some restrictions based on the physical location you are playing GTA in, however when playing in The Diamond you are likely to spend most of your time on table games such as poker. The games available are just like those found in a real-life land casino giving players the feel as though they are playing at a casino. Most inspiration for The Diamond gameplay has come from the world of online casinos. An activity that has now become increasingly popular across the globe and especially the USA in states like Pennsylvania where gambling is legal. Many people are now signing up and playing on online casinos due to the variety of games and bonuses and promotions on offer, something GTA has taken advantage of to enhance their game. 

Games found at The Diamond casino are popular casino classics including cards such as poker and blackjack. Online casino favourite slots are also included as well as roulette, inside track and lucky wheel. 

For the few who have not played on an online casino, there will be a rundown of the rules during the game so no need to panic. You always play against the house rather than against other players and are able to win yourself additional chips. The conversion rate for chips is one chip equals one GTA$. 

To gain access to casino games you will require the Standard Diamond Membership. On signing up, you will get 5000 chips as a welcome bonus. You can then claim up to 1000 chips per day after that. 

VIP Membership 

If you are looking for a little more luxury, why not upgrade your standard membership to a VIP one? 

VIP membership gives you access to your very own penthouse at the top of The Diamond.  You can personalise this penthouse suite to complement your own style and preferred decor. You could even purchase some fine art to show off from the casino store downstairs.

You can expand your penthouse by purchasing new modules. Perhaps you will decide on a party zone to enjoy with other players. Or you could even opt for a personal spa where you can customise your character in suave casino-ready styles.  

Be warned, you will need to be a high-roller to afford these luxuries. The fully upgraded penthouse will set you back over $GTA 6.5 million.

Expansion options depend on which penthouse you choose. The Cash Pad is the most basic, in order to renovate this, you will need to upgrade to the Design Your Own Pad variant. In Design Your Own, you can add on a range of options, including a lounge, media room, bedroom, party hub or garage. 

You can even get your own private dealer for $GTA 1.1 million. This allows you to play mini games of poker and blackjack in the comfort of your own penthouse. 

Diamond Casino Heist

Potentially the best heist yet, in the Diamond Casino Heist players must work in a team of four to break into the casino vault and take down the villainous Duggan family. 

Heists tend to be much harder and more dangerous than your standard mission. A heist is a series of challenges that lead to a much bigger reward. The casino heist follows on from the bunker heist that was released back in 2017. 

This latest heist is a complex affair, there are many different security measures to consider and different quick decisions that must be made mid mission. There are many things that can go disastrously wrong in a heist. However, players do have the option to practice their vault cracking skills in minigames at the retro arcade. This location also acts as the central staging ground for the heist. 

The Diamond Casino and Resort has added more exciting gameplay for online GTA players. It has created a new dimension to the game and allows gamers to experience the world of online casinos, in a safe and simulated environment. As new updates are released, we can expect even more exciting features to be added.