Battlefield 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 Domain Names Registered by EA

EA is ‘preparing 4 battle’… for a long time.

Securing the future of the Battlefield series, EA has recently registered dot-com domains for all the way through to

Up to this point, EA already owned as well as to to, however, are currently owned by parties not associated with EA

The recent domains were purchased on May 2 through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC).

Does this mean that EA has plans for the Battlefield series all the way up to the 20th instalment? More than likely, they are simply protecting the these domains, should the series ever see such longevity.

That’s fine by me. I plan on playing Battlefield until the day I die!

In comparison, EA’s biggest competition, Activision, only owns and to ModernWarfare7.

Looking to the near future, Battlefield 4 is planned for a fall release on the PC as well as current and next-gen platforms.

Source: Fusible, via: VG247

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