Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree for Moze and Zane Revealed

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With Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut coming out this November, 2K and Gearbox have revealed more skill tree sets for the other characters featured in the game! We already know what’s coming for FL4K and Amara, and this time, it’s Moze and Zane’s turn!

In a new press release sent by the developers, here’s the new skills for Moze and Zane:

Moze’s new Bear Mother Skill Tree swaps her massive pilotable mech Iron Bear for a smaller but totally autonomous mini-mech called Iron Cub, which will rip your enemies to shreds alongside you (at least until its tank runs dry). While Iron Bear and Iron Cub are mutually exclusive Action Skills, the majority of the bonuses that apply to Iron Bear also work on Iron Cub, including its arsenal of Hard Point weapon attachments. This Skill Tree also rewards you for setting enemies ablaze – a perfect fit for fans of Hard Point weapons like the Salamander flamethrower.

Thanks to his new Skill Tree, The Professional, Zane can now equip the MNTIS Shoulder Canon, a high-tech railgun with multiple charges that can snipe enemies with lethal precision. But that’s not the only option. When paired with the No Way Out augment – which you’ll find further down this Skill Tree – the MNTIS fires a grappling hook that yanks enemies directly to you, allowing you to deal damage up close. It’s a completely different playstyle compared to Zane’s usual ranged specialty.

This Thursday, October 29, Gearbox will also highlight the full Arms Race mode reveal. as well as some interviews with developers. Be sure to tune in at the official Borderlands Twitch channel at 9 a.m. PT/12 noon ET.

The Designer’s Cut add-on can be bought separately or as part of the Season Pass. Season Pass 2 will include two new all-new DLC add-ons — the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut — and will be out on November 10.

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