Call of Duty: WWII – First Look At Gameplay, Hidden Message In Zombie Teaser

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A recent Behind The Scene video released, giving us a very small glimpse of actual gameplay for Call of Duty: WW2

At roughly the Two-Minute and Ten-second mark of the video we get a look at the gameplay, and judging from it, it appears it’ll be as fast-paced as any of the previous Call of Duty games. Reddit user vwc621 created a short GIF of the exact moment when gameplay is shown, which you can see below.

This 1st portion of the gif appears to showcase some sort of dash movement as the character moves from cover to cover. A similar mechanic was featured in Sledgehammer last COD game, Advance Warfare, though in that COD game these dashes were far longer due to the inclusion of exosuits.

And do keep in mind that this is clear an early build, so the graphical representation (and Gameplay) will most likely change when the game is finalized.

In addition to the COD: WWII reveal, we also got a teaser for the featured Zombie mode in the game. The image can be seen below.

Now Call of Duty games have been known to have some sort of hidden meaning in some of their teasers, especially when it comes to Zombies and this one is no different. Upon bringing the image into a photoeditor, such as Photoshop, many users have pointed out that when the colors are brighten up there are hidden letters on the inside of the zombiefied Soldier.

Twitter user, and Youtuber Ali-A posted this image on his twitter with the lettering.

Several hours have gone by since the discovery, yet no one seems to have figured out exactly what they mean. We will be sure to update you on any information as it becomes available, but for know they are a complete mystery.