Call of Duty: WWII Zombie Teaser Website Now Live, Helmet Code Unlocks Three Mysterious Images

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Earlier we reported on a hidden Easter Egg with the first COD: WWII Zombie image. It now seems that the Easter Egg was indeed tied to the newly, mysterious COD: WWII Zombie Teaser site.

The teaser site features a old school typewriter, that when you input the code found in yesterday’s Easter egg, you’ll be greeted with the Text “A New Horror Rises” along with the following three images. There are also Coordinates at the bottom of the type-writer, which leads to Dundirk, which was battle location in France during World War 2.

We went ahead and photo-edited the dark one, which you can see below.


We also know that this is zombie related as each image is titled with Zombie in their name. Another thing is the type-writer originally has three unlit green lights. Once you enter the code from the Zombie Helmet, and all three light up to unlock the images above, it refreshes and now contains five unlit lights indicating that the next clue will be five different codes. We will be sure to keep you posted as more discoveries are made.

Thanks to the folks over at Reddit for the heads-up