Call of Duty 2019 Already Played by Athletes Even If Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

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While rumors have pointed at this year’s Call of Duty to be the next chapter in the Modern Warfare saga, Activision has not officially confirmed that or even announced the game. Apparently, even if that’s the case, Call of Duty 2019 is already in a playable state!

Over on Instagram and Twitter (screenshots via AllGamesDelta), a couple of NFL players have shared posts of them mentioning they’ve already played this year’s Call of Duty game, and even provided shots of this private event! Given the images where we see the NFL players going head to head, one could surmise that they’ve already played through the multiplayer, even.

Well, that should at least mean the official reveal is near, right? At least that’s something. While we don’t know what the official title of this year’s Call of Duty title is, we do know that it’ll include a single-player campaign,and even feature a co-op mode.

Aside from that, Activision hasn’t shared anything other than telling investors that they expect the Call of Duty 2019 sales to be lower than last year’s Black Ops 4. We do know that for this year, it’s Infinity Ward’s turn, so the rumors of Modern Warfare 4 being this year’s CoD game does have traction.

Usually, Activision reveals the annual Call of Duty game around April or May, and given we’re close to end of April, and E3 happens in June, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Call of Duty 2019 revealed next month.

Are you surprised that Call of Duty 2019 is already playable this early on? This is good news, right?


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