Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta FAQ Reveals File Size & Download Times

In preparation for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta later this month, Activision recently put together an all-encompassing FAQ page with new details.

A lot of it is your standard stuff — things you probably already knew about. But it also gets into specifics on the Beta’s download size and provides an ETA on when anxious fans can start downloading it. You can read the entire thing right here, but we posted a few of the questions and answers we thought you might be interested below. As for the actual contents of the beta, be sure to check out our earlier story right here where you’ll find the full list of maps, modes, and Specialist characters.

On to a few FAQs.

What’s the difference between my Beta code that I received and my Beta token?

“Your pre-order Beta code reserved your spot for the Beta and is redeemed at Once you have registered, a Beta token will be emailed to you on a rolling basis beginning at 12:00 AM PST on August 19th for PS4 users and on a rolling basis at 12:00 AM PST on August 26th for Xbox One and PC users. This Beta token will allow you to download the Beta from the platform you have designated in the registration process.”

How big is the Beta file?

“To make the Beta a fun and valuable experience, we’ve packed it with a lot of content. Therefore, the file is approximately 15 GB and download times will vary based on location, server traffic, and connection speed.”

How can I give feedback and report bugs to make Black Ops 3 better?

“We’re glad you asked! We will be posting a survey link on once the Beta starts. We welcome feedback and encourage everyone to share. The more feedback, the better.”

When will the servers be down for maintenance?

“Because this is a Beta, periodic maintenance will be necessary throughout the gameplay period. Please follow @Treyarch on Twitter for updates.”

Will my progress from the Beta carry over to retail?

“No, progress will not carry over from the Beta. Our focus is making the final game the best and most stable experience it can be and we will be working on balancing and other fixes leading up to launch.”

What about Campaign or Zombies, will that be available in the Beta also?

“No, the Black Ops 3 Beta is specifically focused on multiplayer.”

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