Cool Ideas That Will Take Your Streams to the Next Level

Video streaming is one of the most popular ways to create content nowadays. This lets your target audience get to know you more and what you have to say. The internet is saturated with so many streams from various platforms that standing out is the challenge. A lot of people now prefer live videos compared to other kinds of content because of the interaction it can provide between the host and the audience. The most popular live streams get a lot of anticipation from the fans of their next live sessions. If you want to take your own love videos to the next level, you should know cool ideas you can do to make it more successful.


Tutorials are still great video content because of how popular DIY projects are nowadays. No matter what subject or topic you are an expert in, you would find an audience willing to watch a video to learn. Some of the most popular topics now are anything art related, crafting, and making furniture and decors. You can also show tutorials on how to fix things like gadgets, toys, home fixtures, and many more. The only thing you have to remember is that it should contain practical information that will enable your audience to follow suit. To know what tutorial to do, you can ask your audience to give you an idea every week because there are a lot of people who want their problems solved.

Live Q&A

If you are ready to get close and personal with your viewers, then having a live Q&A session will surely give them delight. They can post questions for you to answer, and you can pick lucky viewers that you will mention in the video. This can also be an interview idea for when you have guests over your show, and you want to ask interesting questions. This is not for the highly sensitive people because there can be questions that might be offensive, especially from non-fans who just want to distract you from what you are doing. Prepare yourself to handle negative situations and focus only on the positive feedback and questions you are getting from your viewers.

Games Stream

Gaming is getting more and more popular these days because of the rise in a lot of games and apps. Since a lot of people from all gender, age, and status are joining the most popular games, there is no wonder why live streaming your game is highly in-demand in a lot of online platforms. Since you can find a lot of content showing gaming sessions, you should do your best to make your stream unique and interesting. One of the tricks mentioned in Nerd or Die, a website for all streaming needs, is to create videos with visually appealing overlays that can easily improve your video quality. This can help differentiate your live steam from other players who are sharing their sessions online.


People get excited when they see their favorite people come together in one video. Even when you are just starting, having interesting people appear in your show will provide variety and another perspective to make your stream more substantial. Since it is difficult to find new ideas for your every day or weekly streams, you can enlist several personalities to help you out. They can be resourceful people who are experts in other fields, popular personalities, and even artists if you are doing music and entertainment. Make sure that when you invite the person before your scheduled stream so you can post an announcement to earn more viewers on that day.

Unboxing Videos

There is a growing interest in unboxing videos of the most popular item in the market. You get to have more audience if you are first to do an unboxing video in an upcoming product that is highly anticipated. Even if you are not the first one to do it, you can still earn the number if you unbox rare and luxury items from some of the most expensive brands. You can easily do this by partnering with a lot of brands that will give you a preview of their products for the video. Access to these products will ensure that you are getting ahead of your competitors.

Taking your video streams to the next level is attainable if you are willing to do the effort and get creative. By simply improving and focusing on the content you produce, you can already stand out and make your way to the list of most-watched videos. These ideas will help you get there so that you can unlock new milestones and reach the audience you are aiming for.

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