Diablo Immortal Seeing “Hugely Enthusiastic” Response From Internal Playtesting

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When Diablo Immortal was initially revealed, gamers showed their disdain for the mobile Diablo game by bombarding the trailer with a load (and I mean load) of dislikes. While we haven’t heard much from the game since then, it looks like it’s doing well internally.

During Activision’s latest quarterly earnings call, Daniel Alegre President & Chief Operating Officer of Activision mentioned that the game is seeing a “hugely enthuastic” response from internal playtesting.

Amongst multiple Blizzard mobile titles under development Diablo Immortal saw a hugely enthusiastic response in internal testing in the third quarter and will soon enter external regional testing. Daniel Alegre President & Chief Operating Officer of Activision

Well, that’s good news at least, right? If you’re not a fan of Diablo’s upcoming mobile version, take comfort in the fact that Diablo 4 is in active development, and even has gameplay available to sink our teeth into.

Diablo Immortal has no set release date and is set for release on iOS and Android devices.

Source: SeekingAlpha (login required)