Doom Gameplay Unveiled at QuakeCon 2014, First Details Emerge, Multiplayer Confirmed

Id Software is presenting the first public viewing of Doom gameplay to its audience at QuakeCon 2014.

According to Tweets from the show floor, the rebooted shooter will be build on the if tech 6 engine and will run at 1080p and 60 frames per seconds. Combat will show a heavy focus on gory melee attacks. Here are some of the first details, courtesy of Geoff Keighley. (Thanks, GameInformer.)

Doom is an origin game. Fast paced combat. Set outside of UAC research facility on Mars being invaded be forces of evil.

Today’s Doom reveal is focused on showcasing combat. New cyber demon concept art shown.

Melee combat is a big part of the new Doom.

Doom is built on id tech 6, 1080p 60 fps. Single player demo today.

Demo is now on. Inside UAC facility. Lots of particles and lava. Heavy Melee combat, ripping out body parts MK style.

Forget key cards. Player just ripped arm off guard to scan his fingers on a hand scanner.

Chainsaw acquired. New level of gore unlocked. #doom q#uakeco

UPDATE 1: More details from PCGamer.

The stream is off and it’s Doom 4 time. First up: the trailer we saw a few weeks ago. Next: exec producer Marty Stratton.

“The game is called Doom, not Doom 4. It’s an origin game, reimagining everything about the originals.”–Stratton

“The game begins just outside of a massive research facility on the surface of Mars.”–Stratton

Today’s reveal will focus on combat, which is what the team has been focusing on.

First combat mechanic: demons. Mechanical, corrupt, hell knights.

Second mechanic: guns. Conventional guns. “Big” guns. The double barrel shotgun got a round of applause.

Doom will focus on high-speed movement and run-and-gun. Just like the old days.

Just saw some stills of an exterior, street-size level. Some combat will be hand-to-hand.

There will be a live gameplay demo on stage.

Doom will run on idTech 6, according to Stratton. Will support 1080p, 60 frames per second.

Gameplay demo getting started. Tons of gray steel walls, flames, and a shotgun that is comically large.

A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots. It’s happened five times already.

A new twist on finding the yellow keycard: year off a corpse’s arm and use it to open a handprint scanner.

Breaking: barrels just exploded. Repeat, we have exploding barrels.

Doesn’t look like health regenerates. Enemies drop health when you squish them.

A demon just ripped the player’s arms off and beat him to death with them. The room is breaking out into a standing ovation.

An adorable custodial droid is trying to clean up all the blood. It is not succeeding.

The player is now exploring a dank, Mars cave system. This looks like some of the atmospheric horror from Doom 3.

The hand-to-hand kill moves are varied and fantastically gory. And here comes the chainsaw.

There’s a huge variety of enemies on display. Small demons swarming with giant bullet-sponges.

And the demo ends with the reveal of the giant, horned demon we saw in the teaser. An explosive demo, and more than we thought we’d see.

UPDATE 2: As awkenney has mentioned in the comments, multiplayer is confirmed for Doom. Thanks, awkenney!

Doom is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC but not before a public beta takes place to which any one who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will have access.

You can catch Doom’s first teaser trailer here.

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