Far Cry 5 Game Breaking Bug Forces Players to Start Over

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If there’s one thing we know from playing Far Cry 5, it’s that Hope County is one hell of a dangerous place. From the blood-lusting citizens, to the frenzy berserk bears, no matter where you are you are never to safe. And while the game certainly supplies you with enough tools to fend for your life, it seems that there is an even nastier danger out there. A danger that could force you to restart the entire campaign.


UPDATE: There appears to be more users reporting of the issue happening to them, with a possible fix for some being to reboot the game and then trying to hit the option menu to get fast travel to work, though this fix does not work for everyone it seems. Also worth noting, and we noticed during our playthrough is that if you happen to die in an airplane and respawn frkm the auto save, the plane will spawn stalled causing it to crash each load. Luckily you are usually given enough time to escape

In the video down below, you can see that each time the player loads into their save, an instant death occurs and causes the save to reload. This continues on and on, in an endless loop of death.

We reached out to the user who stated that the game had decided to autosave as they were falling off a cliff to their death. The user stated that they couldn’t push start and invite someone to their co-op game or join another to fix this. Even restarting the game from a fresh boot still offered no fix (though a user on Ubisoft Forums said it could). Upon reaching out to Ubisoft, the user was told that they had to start all over from a fresh save.



To prevent this from happening to you, we’d advise manually save from time to time. This may be a bit confusing, however, as the option to manually save isn’t always available. Rather than displaying a grayed-out option, the manual save text often just disappears completely. You are also limited to just one save slot and one auto save slot, so save wisely.

Whether or not Ubisoft will issue some sort of fix is currently not known, so for the mean time be careful and backup your save as often as possible.

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