How to Optimize a VPN to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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Virtual Private Networks or commonly known as VPN secures your privacy on the internet from potential hackers by hiding your IP Address and the information you transmit and obtain. For the most part, consumers used VPN solely for streaming and securing the connection in an unsecured place. However, a lot of VPN companies are targeting gamers as their new target market to try their services. These companies are making claims that by using their VPN software, it will improve their gaming experience and allow them to play games outside their countries. Here are some tips to optimize your VPN to have a seamless online gaming experience.


Before using your superpower in trying to defeat your enemy, it is always a good practice to know your internet speed. Check if you are getting the right number of ISP needed for your game. There are a lot of sites that test VPN speed that gives an in-depth comparison like the ones on Opportunities Digitales. It is also a good idea to restart your computer, modem, and router. Closing all open applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and other apps running in the background, can optimize the performance of your computer as well as the possibility of a freeze-out. Always remember that your connection may need some optimization when dealing with a VPN.  


VPN provides a secure connection from your computer to the VPN server, that runs through your internet. The software uses a lot of servers to manage their traffic. One thing you can do to avoid an unstable connection is to choose and connect to the closest server near you. It is to reduce the travel distance of your data from one point to another. Suppose you are in Singapore while connected to one of the servers in the United States, imagine the distance your data needs to go through. Generally, the closer you are to the game server, the faster your internet connection is.

Limit Encryption

A VPN mask your IP address from malicious attacks by applying strong encryption to your data and decode it at their servers. As good as it sounds, this process takes additional time and information that can affect the speed of your internet connection. According to US Government Top Secret communication, using 256-bit encryption is enough to secure secret information. One thing you can do is to consider encrypting less. Using 265-bit encryption can make your internet speed lower compared to 128-bit encryption. 

Internet Protocol Settings

Some VPN services allow their users to modify VPN protocols. There are two types of internet protocol, the UDP or User Datagram Protocol and TCP or Transmission Control Protocol. UDP is a far less reliable service, but the good thing about this is that it has fewer restrictions. Making your internet speed faster. TCP, on the other hand, is slower but more reliable in delivering data and once there are lost packets it requires to be redelivered.

These are some of the tips to enhance your online gaming experience while connected to a VPN. Make sure to check everything before going to the online field and start slaying your opponent. Nobody wants to get interrupted during an intense battle, right?