Infinity Ward Dev Working on Bringing MW2’s Terminal to MW3 for Free

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has commented on why assets related to Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal have been found in Modern Warfare 3.

Last month, Terminal appeared in Modern Warfare 3’s files as a Spec Ops mission. More recently, fan site CoDMapPacks reported on map names Terminal and Shipbreaker, which looks similar to MW2’s Rust, showing up on the map list in private lobbies.

Mark Rubin explained, via Twitter, that Terminal and Shipbreaker were added in preparation “for upcoming maps. Terminal is still on the fence but we are ready if we can launch that one.”

Mark Rubin openly admitted that the team behind Modern Warfare 3 is working on introducing terminal, one of Modern Warfare 2’s most beloved maps, to Modern Warfare 3.

The executive producer stated regarding why Terminal  hasn’t been released yet, ” it’s a tech issue with delivery.” He went on to confirm that it will noy be included in the DLC model, which mirrors what Ex-Infinity Ward employee Robert Bowling promised.  Rubin assured, “yes [Terminal] will be free.”

Of course, there’s nothing final about the addition of Terminal, but Rubin seemed adamant about adding the map. He stated, “I may have to punch a bunch of people in the nuts but I am working my ass off to get terminal out.”

Update: (Thanks to CourtRooom) Rubin added, “Don’t have a firm ETA [on Terminal] yet probably soon. Will be looking at it next week to finalize its deployment.” It’s almost confirmed at this point, but “it’s possible [Infinity Ward] runs into issues with deployment. But seems likely we’ll be able to release it.”

Rubin thinks that the Xbox 360 one month exclusivity deal might have to be applied on Terminal’s release frame as well. Rubin hopes to get the map out in June, but he hasn’t looked into when it will be released.

In terms of the possibility of adding other Modern Warfare 2 maps, Rubin explained that right now it’s only Terminal being worked on. The map, when it is released for MW3,  will be “updated a little.”

Other than Terminal, which Modern Warfare 2 maps would you like to see in Modern Warfare 3?

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