Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 12.02 Patch Notes and Changes

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While Capcom just released a hefty Monster Hunter World Iceborne update last week that introduced new enemies and more, a new title update has been rolled out earlier today/tonight. Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 12.02 introduces the Siege event, and a few bug fixes.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 12.02 patch notes:

Bug Fixes:

An issue related to unintentional behavior when multiple people use the weapon pose has been fixed.

That’s basically it for the latest Monster Hunter World patch.  If you notice any changes not mentioned in the notes, share them down in the comments and let us know.

As for the Siege, there was a Recon Assignment that rolled out on December 5, which serverd as a primer for the Siege taking place today onwards.

Stay tuned for more Monster Hunter World news here on MP1st!