Rumored MW3 Killstreaks

Here are the Killstreaks that were featured in the trailer:

Sentry Gun (Looks more powerful than the ones in MW2 and Black Ops)

Predator Missile (Hopefully, this means there are no Valkyrie Rockets in MW 3) 

Attack Dogs (with explosives)

Pave Low (It didn’t fire in the trailer, but on the map it had the same look.)

AC 130 (You can see it raining down hell at 1:11)

These are the ones that were in the trailer, but the multiplayer will have more killstreaks.

Killstreaks that will likely be back in MW3, but weren’t featured in the trailer:

UAV/Spy Plane

Counter UAV/Spy Plane

Airstrike/Mortar Team

Care Package

Attack Helicopter

Chopper Gunner 
I liked the MW2 version of the Chopper better. If you liked Black Ops’ version, let me know why in the comments section.

It’s Official: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Explosives Do Less Damage.

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