Programs for Creating Videos of Games

Since there are a huge number of video editors, it may be difficult for a beginner to make a choice. Video editing tools are frequently used by gamers to edit recordings of games, etc. Plenty of people are interested in games, and some even consider them sports. So, what editors to use if you are a gamer looking for good software? We’ll tell you. 

With the right video editing software, you can create the perfect videos for yourself or for different platforms. Unfortunately, many of the solutions that can be found on the Internet are free only shareware. When working with them, the user discovers that the program automatically clings to the video watermarks or limits the duration or resolution of the video. Programs we present to you are free. So, let’s have a look. 

Hitfilm Express

With this software, you can easily adjust color balance, cut clips, and export your projects in various video formats. But the feature set of Hitfilm Express is much broader. You can also use this free video editor to work with chroma-key (green screen), create custom masks, and work with 3D tools.

The Hitfilm Express’s interface is still complex, but not nearly as complex as Lightworks. The basic functionality of the program will be familiar to everyone who has previously worked with a more or less complex video editor.

Hitfilm Express has two drawbacks. First, the editor is picky about the hardware of the computer. Secondly, it has an unnecessarily complicated installation process. To get this tool, you need to share the link to its developer, FXhome, on social media.

Movavi Video Editor

The main advantage of this tool is lots of functions and formats, including even mobile ones. There are cool effects, filters, and transitions. Also, the program can capture video, for example, from the desktop screen, any program, or camera. It is possible to embed a soundtrack. There are formats for YouTube. Moreover, it is possible to convert MOV file to MP4 with the help of a video converter.

The program interface is also very simple. It is clear what button to use if you need to perform this or that action. You can figure out the software yourself in 20 minutes. There are two versions – free and paid, so you can choose what suits you better.


Lightworks is one of the best free options for gamers looking to create professional-quality videos without paying a penny. Although it falls short of its main paid competitor, Adobe Premiere Elements, it supports multi-streaming video and is a non-linear editor, so the quality of the footage is not degraded during processing.

In Lightworks, you will find features that are usually only available in paid software. For example, the ability to import and render footage in the background, as well as live preview of video effects.

The main disadvantage of Lightworks is its complexity for beginners. You will definitely have to spend some time learning since the program’s interface is completely non-intuitive. But once you understand it, you can completely customize the interface and toolkit of Lightworks for yourself. Lightworks can be downloaded for free from the official website for computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is a browser-based video editor. To edit a video, you just need to load it into the vertical timeline of the project. Then you can cut the clips, add filters or transition effects to them.

The great advantage of the online editor is that it can be accessed from any desktop PC with an internet connection. No need to mess around with installing local software. Another big bonus is that the specs of the computer are not that important. When using an online video editor, video processing takes place in the cloud. Movie Maker Online also provides access to a large archive of free images that you can use in your project.


Shotcut was originally introduced as a free video editor for Linux but was later ported to Windows and Mac. Because of this, the editor’s interface may seem a little strange to users who are not used to Linux. 

Some aspects of the Shotcut system are simple and intuitive. For example, the process of dragging and dropping media files to import them into a project. 

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor used to be not too convenient, but the latest version of the program is much better. The editor has the ability to detach individual windows, so now it is ideal for working on multiple monitors.

There are both free and premium versions, but the only limitation of the free version is that it lacks multiple color management tools and cannot handle resolutions higher than 1080p. Along with this, VSDC supports many useful features, including animation, sprites, transitions, watermarks, blending, masking.

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