PUBG Xbox One Version Offers Competitive Advantage Over Xbox One X

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available on Xbox One and Xbox One X. The guys over at DigitalFoundry have done their usual technical analysis of the game, focusing on visuals and frame-rate.

PUBG is tough to run on even the most high-end PCs, with optimization presumably still being worked on by the developers, so it’s expected that performance on the consoles is just as inconsistent.

As identified by DigitalFoundry, and anyone else playing with their eyes open, the target of 30fps is frequently missed, with frame-rates dipping down to lows of around 15fps.

You can watch the full analysis below:

What I’d like to draw special attention to, is when DF mentions the “significantly improved” draw distances on Xbox One X (at 5:50 in the video).

PC players, when they’re trying their darnedest to win, will often lower settings to the absolutely minimum, primarily to get the highest frame-rates, but to also provide a clearer image.

When you’re hunting for an enemy in the distance, you actually want a lower draw distance. On low PC settings, I often come across players who think they are crawling through grass, when in fact the grass hasn’t appeared for me, making them easy prey. This advantage becomes even more significant when looking down from a high vantage point.

So while the Xbox One X boasts better draw distances, the standard Xbox One turns what is seemingly a weakness, into a strength.

Xbox One X players, watch out!

Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube)

  • Triton

    It performs ok, its playable.
    Controller scheme needs to be custom though, I dont think having to double tap the right trigger to get ADS is ok.
    Why not do it like in every other MP game, hold down left trigger to scope?

    • Noome

      You dont have to double tap RT to ADS.

      You tap LT once to toggle ADS.

      • Triton

        No, tapping once only zoom-in the 3rd person crosshairs.
        Tapping it another time brings up the weapon sight.

        • Noome

          No, tapping LT once toggles ADS on and off.
          Pushing LT (and holding it in) once zoom-in the 3rd person crosshairs. And zoom-out upon release.

          Last confirmed when playing yesterday.
          Its a bit odd if we dont have the same controller scheme, what system u on?

          • Triton

            Im on the One X.

            • Noome

              Weird, because I am on the One X as well.

  • yowzagabowza

    Haha, take that, grass crawlers!

  • Playstation Novus

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  • Jrd2k16

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