Report: Sea of Thieves Kraken Captured in Screenshots

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Following rumors of a Sea of Thieves kraken hidden within the game, beta testers searched far and wide for a glimpse of the mythical creature. Unfortunately, it appeared that the kraken was not featured in the beta build, leaving players disappointed.

datamine of the PC beta revealed more clues of a kraken, as well as harpoons, ship customization, and more.

What are reportedly in-game screenshots of the Sea of Thieves kraken have been posted over on Resetera. These show huge tentacles rising out of the water, as well as a kraken head biting the ship.

What do you make of this beast? Will you be hunting for the Sea of Thieves kraken? Let us know in the comments.

In other Sea of Thieves news, new content has been found within a recent datamine, almost all PCs should be able to run the game, and this custom Xbox One controller looks awesome.

Source: Resetera via Eurogamer


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