Role Playing Games Getting Popular in Southeast Asia

Gaming has become an integral part of life for many teenagers around the globe. Not only teenagers, but it has also grasped the attention of adults and kids equally. One of the particularly more important gaming sectors is the role-playing games.

Role-playing is an electronic genre of games, where each player plays a particular role throughout the game. The players proceed with the game by learning through experiences and by gaining the skills of that particular character. This genre of gaming is particularly popular because there is extensive involvement of players in it. The players can play various roles, from warriors to wizards.

While role-playing games are gaining popularity around the globe, people in Southeast Asia are the ultimate gamers of 2020, according to SocialPeta. These home-based gamers are highly involved in RPGs because the game leads from one step to another, thus, intriguing the player more and more. The multiplayer and role-playing games require high involvement, which is particularly gaining more attention at the beginning of this year.

2020 started with a bunch of trending role-playing games. From games like Dungeons and Dragons to the latest games, people are increasingly inclined towards trying and exploring new role-playing games. Although the entire world is excited about these games, however, studies show that Southeast Asians are the most important segment with the world’s fastest-growing market.

SocialPeta: The study was conducted using the industry’s best advertisement intelligence tool SocialPeta. SocialPeta collects essential advertisement data from over 68 networks in 45 countries, and the huge database contains data of 7700 Million ads. Extracting useful data from the collection of big raw data is really simple and straightforwardly easy. In a few clicks, you can spy your competitor’s best strategy by following their advertisement trends. SocialPeta also shows the audience analysis and ad cost intelligence, ads inspiration and creatives. One can also subscribe to some advertisers to have an in-depth analysis of what they are doing with their ads.

We used three popular games in this case study to check their matrices via the intelligently collected data from SocialPeta.

SOL Fantasy

The first one on the list is SOL Fantasy. With over 100,000+ installs and 3.8 reviews on play store, SOL Fantasy is winning the hearts of many Role players. The game is a favorite in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, and others. It is perfect for those who don’t find enough time for gaming but can still experience the perks of enjoying a role-playing game. The roles in this game are particularly appealing because they are adorably designed with cute anime creations. Moreover, they offer amazing fashion sets for all characters, pets, babies, and mounts involved in the game.

The game is also exciting to the audience because it offers constant level up-gradation and various missions and tasks that keep the player engaged. The romanticism and fun in the system also make the gamer intrigued. Additionally, the cute 3D graphic animation adds up to its value. The Southeast Asian players also admire the role-playing experience because of its full involvement in missions like killing the bosses, marrying other players, and enjoying the full 3D effects of the game.

Intelligently collected and analyzed data shows that the advertiser (VNG games publishing) used different ad-copies for different ads. As per the ads creative is concerned, they used both Images and videos. However, we can easily predict from the data that image based ads worked best of SOL Fantasy as in the beginning, their video ads were dominating over the image ads, but with time, they started using a mix of both in which image ads can be seen dominating the video ads.

The analysis of their advertisement networks confirms that Facebook contributes to the highest 36.13% of impressions. Instagram stood second with 32.98% of total Impressions. Facebook Audience network contributed 30.89%. Audience Network is a way to extend your ad campaigns beyond Facebook to reach a vast number of targeted audience via Instant Articles, Mobile apps, Mobile Websites, and Videos. Thus, one can increase the reach of their ads via the audience network.

AFK Arena:

Another adventurous game on the list is AFK Arena. This RPG is all about going through an adventurous trail and exploring stunning mysteries taking place in the environment. The game is filled with challenging puzzles and illusionary tasks that will keep the gamer engaged continuously. This game may be popular among the Southeast Asian players because of its detailed and dynamic composition and easy to use procedure. One of the most prominent features of this game is its graphics work. AFK Arena has abundant characters and rewards to lure gamers.

This game involves creating armies and fighting the enemy, involving hundreds of players around the globe. With each victory, the game upgrades your hero a little more and, thus, provides an incentive on each step. With a strong rating of 4.6 and 10,000,000+ installations, AFK Arena steps the game up for the players of Southeast Asia and players around the world.

Ads Analysis:

The advertisement reports by SocialPeta confirm that AFK Arena by Lilith games made the best use of different advertising networks, which is evident from their number of installations. They used multiple ad creatives, such as Image, Video, HTML, and Carousel, with a very creative ad-copy. The data shows that video ads played a significant role in the promotion of AFK Arena, contributing more almost 80% of all. HTML was their second most used ad creative. Carousel and Image ads were the least used.

Admob (Google Ads) served as the most prominent advertisement networks for AFK Arena with a contribution of 42.04% of their total impressions. Impressions from Facebook and Youtube were 17.27% and 15.87%, respectively. Facebook Audience Network contributed 13.69% and Instagram 11.12% of the overall impressions.

Tiên Ma Truyền Kỳ:

One of the most popular games among the southeast Asian gamers in role-playing is Tiên Ma Truyền Kỳ. The game inspires many by its colorful and catchy features. It incorporates the functionality of creating beautiful female roles. The female can also be given flowers to increase their level of beauty and admiration. The game involves fights in the battlefield and rewards upon clearing the levels.

Thus, more and more gamers are getting interested in this RPG, and it has much of a hype created about it. The play store rating for this game is 3.9, with over 100,000+ installations.

 Ads Analysis:

The analysis for this game presents a little different approach. Tiên Ma Truyền Kỳ’s publisher mainly focused on utilities, productivity, and lifestyle categories for promoting the game. The ad creatives were both images and videos. However, video ads dominated significantly over image ads.

The game got most impressions from Facebook and the audience network and lowest on Instagram.

These analytics from SocialPeta confirms that role-playing games are getting popular in southeast Asia. We have also analyzed their advertising strategies in great detail to understand every perspective of these games.

If you want are looking to launch your own game, you can surely take benefits from SocialPeta’s artificial intelligence. However, there is also another tool that can be used along with SocialPeta or as a single alternative in case you’re a startup and not an established company. The tool is called AppSimilar.

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We hope that this article has helped you in learning something new about the trends of the gaming industry. If you’ve any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

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