Rumor: New Left 4 Dead Incoming but It’s Not What You Were Expecting

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While zombie games are a dime a dozen these days, those old enough to remember Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise most likely won’t say not to a new Left 4 Dead game being announced. Well, if this new rumor is any indcation, we might just be getting that announcement soon, though it’s not the new Left 4 Dead game people might be expecting.

This new tip comes from Tyler McVicker, the person who created the Valve News Network, who’s been able to leak Valve-related news in the past.

Yep, you read that right. This new Left 4 Dead game will be tied to virtual reality (VR), and will most likely be called Left 4 Dead VR. Given how Valve has kinda resurrected the Half-Life brand with Half-Life: Alyx, which is a VR-focused game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this new Left 4 Dead game be tied to VR as well. Mind, I was hoping we’d just get a new, full-fleged entry in the series, but fans might (operative word here is might) be OK with this given how it’s been ages since we got a Left 4 Dead game.

For reference, the last Left 4 Dead game, which was Left 4 Dead 2, was released back in November 2009. However, zombie action game Dying Light had a Left 4 Dead crossover event happen this October, so at least we know Valve hasn’t completely forgotten about the franchise just yet.

Will we hear more about this new Left 4 Dead game at tomorrow’s The Game Awards? Probably not, but the prospect of a new entry in the zombie game will surely have some players excited to blow some zombie brains out.

Source: Comic Book