Star Wars Battlefront Q&A Wrap-Up With DICE Dev – Maps, Bot Modes, Unlocks & More

Star Wars Battlefront Design Director Niklas Fegraeus has kicked off a post-trailer reveal Q&A session on Twitter, where he goes by the username @DICEfigge, answering a few burning questions from Battlefront’s biggest Twitter fans.

We’ve rounded up the replies below so you don’t miss out on any of the details. We’ll keep adding more as they come.

Star Wars Battlefront Q&A With DICE’s Niklas Fegraeus

Q: Is there only 4 planets[?] – ‏@Jack_Holeo424

A: We have 4 iconic planets & on those many maps to play on. We’re going to take you places you’ve never been before.

Q: map size? – @Bozisaur

A: We have varying map sizes, from large to small, to cater to different experiences and different modes

Q: 2 maps per planet: 8 multiplayer maps at launch[?] – @BFBulletin

A: There will be more maps than 8, and more than two per planet at launch.

Q: Will there be some sort of instant action mode with bots? – @piggy5990

A: We have a feature called Missions that allow you to play solo or cooperatively with bots on or offline

Q: will two people be able to play on the same console? – @tman 34611

A: Yes, you can play our Mission feature in local splitscreen on your console, or online coop

Q: Will you be able to play split-screen while playing online with friends? – @grantrichardi

A: Split-screen is for local play only, so it is for when you play Missions with a friend

Q: Will we be able to pilot/drive AT-ST’s? – @WynnePope

A: You will be able to pilot AT-STs, as well as many more iconic vehicles, like X-wings and Tie fighters

Q: options for 1st and 3rd person view? – @TheoDangerous

A: When playing as a soldier, you can freely choose between 1st and 3rd person views whenever you want

Q: are we going to be able to participate in space battles? – @Biggzy96

A: You will be able to take to the skies over our planets and dogfight with squadrons of starfighters

Q: I don’t like the idea of day 1 dlc – @nforgrav

A: The battle of Jakku is not a day one dlc, it is free content we want you all to have as soon as it is done

Q: Were those graphics shown in the trailer in-game? – @Segmatron73

A: Yes, the trailer was filmed in engine, using our in-game models

Q: why no prequels? – @Bumi_Bandias

A: I love everything Star Wars, but for Battlefront, we have focused on the original trilogy

Q: apart from graphics and online how is this different from the original games? – @dreeewmay

A: It is both different and similar in many ways. This is why we have done a reboot instead of calling it Battlefront 3

Q: How to play Darth Vader, Boba Fett and co’ ? – @SangraL_

A: Heroes depend heavily on the game mode. We will tell you more about heroes at a later date

Q: in the game can we play like jedi and sith? – @montiel115

A: You can play more than that, but so far we have only revealed Vader and Boba Fett. More will come.

Q: in the trailer we saw a deployable shield used, is there other new equipment like this? – @qtguyswag9000

A: Yes, the shield is a Battlefront powerup, and we have many more to reveal in the future

Q: What character customization will be available in game? Surely there will be character/load out choices? – @TheChromeKing

A: You will have great freedom in customizing your own playstyle, essentially creating your own playstyle

Q: will there be a sort of progression system to level up and unlock new guns/upgrades? – @kersp3dy

A: Yes, there will be plenty of things to unlock, achieve and collect. More on this will be revealed at a later date!  

We gathered a few more details on DICE’s Star Wars-themed shooter earlier today, including info on console frame rate, first-person and third-person modes, user interface, and much more.

Star Wars Battlefront will launch on November 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in two different editions. The Battle of Jakku DLC will launch for free three weeks later, or only two for those who pre-order the game.

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