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The 73% demographic of players aged 16-24 years old, means software providers cannot be complacent. Another factor of consideration is the attention span. Gone are the days when players’ loyalty was put to the test with streaming problems or glitchy graphics. Generation Z players ditch any platform with issues and continue their search for entertaining and stimulating gaming. 

Regardless of whether you are an avid gamer or just in it for the fun, gaming is about more than just ‘which is the best game of the season’.PC online games sites have not only provided a platform for downloading games, but the experience associated with selecting a game from any of these sites can mean more than expected. 

So, if you are searching for something that is more than a mere tease, then take a gander at the list we’ve compiled. Games from these sites can be downloaded on Windows, Linus, Mac, and Android – it would be advisable to ensure you select a site that is most compatible with your software.

The Games You Love

There are gaming sites which are known for their extensive library of games Steam, GOG, G2A, Epic, PC Games, Origin. These could range from old to new games that are available for PCs. Most of these sites tend to have content that is for particular tastes or preferences. 

If you are looking for classical or older games, the sites to visit would be PC Games, Softpedia, Skidrow. For those with artistic and adventurous gaming preferences, is a good site to start. There will always be a game to find somewhere, the goal is to find it.

Downloading And Updates

Now, just before we get to the fun part – downloading. Like everything online, downloading comes with its own version of evils, unlike when using a game console

  • Interruptions you’d experience while downloading
  • Updates 

Online sites, overall, have the variety you need for a great gaming experience. When downloading the apps you will need for a full gaming experience, keep in mind:

  • If it’s an old game, there are probably not many improvements that the site can guarantee 
  • Some sites have a limited library for multiplayer games, and will probably not be able to facilitate live gaming or streaming.
  • Not all sites provide social communities for interaction – and even some that do, these communities may not be as engaging as they could be.
  • Regular updates to improve sites and to extend the library are not regulars on all sites, thus affecting the content quality.
  • Some sites have development tools that provide a platform for aspiring creators.

It’s important to consider that a site that regularly updates is one that would take measures at considering their client’s privacy and malware. This player protection while using a platform is also a common practice on casinos. While some players opt for mystery and adventure, some love old-fashioned roulette and blackjack and often cruise through the list of casinos not on Gamstop. The aim is to find the ideal playing platform for either iGamers, just as their mainstream gamer counterparts do when searching for a PC gaming site.

Cost Considerations

We’re not always able to afford the latest game whenever we please, so when looking into gaming sites pricing, customer service and refund policies are several factors to consider.

When looking for a free game online, it would be good to remember that not all of these sites offer free games. And when they do, there are bound to be some T&Cs involved. 

These may be:

  • Having to subscribe before you can download the free games.
  • Possibly being required to purchase one to get the free game.
  • For fairly recent games, there is a limited number of sales or freebies offered, so when they do, the window opening can be limited to a few days. So this will require some vigilance.
  • Some sites might grant free access to play the game, but just as long as you are streaming. So this does not mean that this game may be yours permanently.
  • Often it will be the older games that will easily be for free.

Known for their free content:

  • Acid Play, Origin, GOG, All Games A to Z, Mega Games,, Skidrow with Steam, G2A providing free content irregularly with more impressive selections.

Whether the acquisition is free or at a price, being able to contact them should a problem arise would be very helpful. Unfortunately, some of these sites have unreliable customer care service centres and it would be prudent for you to be aware of these concerns for best customer satisfaction.

Michael Scott

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