The Division 2 Down, New Error Code Bravo-09 Showing Up for Gamers

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While Ubisoft just did a server maintenance for The Division 2 yesterday, it looks like The Division 2 is having issues now — at least on PS4. Currently, The Division 2 down message is showing up as “Bravo-09” for people on PS4.

Here’s the error message that will greet players when they try and log in right now on The Division 2:

Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not acknowledged The Division 2 down message, and people on the official The Division subreddit are baffled given this Bravo-09 error seems to be a new one. While it might mention that PlayStation Network services are unreachable, The Division 2 is the only one affected, and I can confirm firsthand that other games and PSN in general is working normally.

Xbox One and PC users, are you affected as well? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below. Once the servers are working again, we’ll update the post.

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